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Recently a new canon Star Wars book came out called Battlefront: Twilight Company. Ever since it was announced, this book sounded like one of the best new Star Wars canon books after Dark Disciple and Aftermath. So far I have only read Dark Disciple, and I'm very impressed. I haven't gotten the time to read Aftermath or Twilight Company yet.

But when I first heard some details about this new war book, I thought about how good the book sounded. First, I hope this becomes a new book series in the Star Wars lore. But, I think that this would work perfectly as a TV show as well.

A while back there were rumors that there could be a new Star Wars show on TV. Then there was another rumor that there will be 3 new Star Wars shows on Netflix. Personally, I would love this. A TV show for Star Wars would allow so much more than a movie would. And after time, I have thought of a list of many shows they could do on Netflix. But, the one show I want most, is Twilight Company.

From what I know, the new book is about the sixty-first mobile infantry, otherwise known as Twilight Company. This is a squad of soldiers in the Rebel Alliance working against the intergalactic Empire. I am positive that this book will show war from the soldier's point-of-view, just like the Battlefront series of games.

My hope is that the three Star Wars Netflix shows happen, and that one of them is about Twilight Company. And this show would work very well within the Star Wars universe. This show would show the war between the Rebellion and the Empire, from the perspective of the soldiers on the ground instead of the hierarchy of Darth Vader, and his fight against Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and C-3PO & R2-D2.

Imagine this, the pilot episode opens with a black screen, and soldiers screaming "I think he's dead!" and "I need a medic over here!" And the sounds of dead troopers falling to the ground, and blaster's firing. Then, the first thing you see, is soldiers, all around you, running around, firing their blasters, and you turn and see an AT-AT, walking over you, you see explosions everywhere, then you see Stormtroopers running towards you. You and your squad start firing, then run at the attackers, and it is all-out war. I think this would be the perfect intro to this show.

We need another, very gritty Star Wars produced story, I love the prequels, but they do have problems, just like the original trilogy (though the prequels do have more problems). But a dark, atmospheric Star Wars show, about soldiers in the war would be great. We don't know who to side with, people you have grown to love have died, and the war is painful for you to watch on your couch, just as it is for the soldiers actually fighting it.

So does this sound like a good idea for a Star Wars Netflix show? Do you want to see any Star Wars TV shows? Please, let me know!


Do you want Star Wars: Twilight Company to be a real Netflix show?


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