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Nintendo. My god, Nintendo. If there was one thing that this company was great at (aside from amazing games, beloved characters and a history that few could claim), it's being the one guy who just says something that silences everyone and, basically, does this:

A Nintendo direct was released today and on it we were given some awesome news. To say a few, Nintendo is releasing: a new Zelda game for 2016, Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow for the 3DS eShop, Zelda Tri-Force Heroes is getting free DLC in December and Twilight Princess being released in HD, along with a new amiibo that will work with the aforementioned game in 2016.

Now all this news is great but if we look back earlier this year Nintendo held a pole where they asked the fans who they wanted as DLC for Super Smash Bros.


Get hyped.

Already people are making reactions to this direct that was released one of my favorite is from our favorite Completionist.

This is just one person's reaction. Imagine what other people are going to be released. The full list of what's coming out can be found on an article from and you can find it here.

Well guys what do you think? Excited for Cloud Strife coming to Smash? Let me know in the comments below or...


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