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We all love watching a good Batman movie where the villains are the popular ones like The Riddler, The Joker, Two Face the list goes on, what if I told you about a villain called The Everywhere Man, have you heard of him? Here is seven characters that need to be in the Batman solo films.

7. Jason Todd A.K.A The Red Hood

Jason Todd was the second Robin, after being wrongly accused of being killed by The Joker, he came back as a vigilante known as The Red Hood. Todd is always trying to kill the Batman thinking he replaced and betrayed him.

6. Court Of Owls.

The Court Of Owls is what people thought was just a wise tale, until one day Batman found out they were not. The court have lived in Gotham for thousands of years, and have a poem about them;

"Beware The Court of Owls, that watches all the time,
ruling Gotham from a shadow perch,
behind granite and lime.
They watch you at your hearth,
they watch you in your bed,
speak not a whispered word of them
or they'll send The Talon for your head."

5. Clayface.

There has been over 10 people turned into clayface with each having different abilities, The most common abilities are shape shifting into anyone, and creating anything with his body (weapons, tools ect).

4. Rag Doll.

More seen in The Flash comics, but he has crossed paths with Batman a few times. Rag Doll is an extremely flexible thief. He can bend in all different ways and fit in small spaces.

3. Black Mask

There have been two Black masks, Roman Sionis and Jeremiah Arkham. He is a mafia boss who absolutely hates Bruce Wayne. Black Mask carved the mask out of his fathers coffin and burned it to his skin.

2. Mad Hatter A.K.A Jervis Tetch.

Before you ask, yes he got the name from Alice in Wonderland, Tetch is obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and has been since a very young age. He is also a master of hypnotism and mind control. The Mad Hatter also possesses unique knowledge with hats, especially one-of-a-kind head wear.

1. Hush A.K.A Thomas Elliot.

Elliot tried killing his parents to inherit all their money, and Thomas Wayne (Bruce's dad) revived his mum but failed to keep his father alive, so Elliot has hated Bruce since then. Elliot was jealous that Bruce lost his parents at such a young age and he got all their money.

As I said, I could go on listing a lot you probably have not heard of before, but these are seven I personally want to see in the DC Cinematic Universe! Thanks for reading and let me know who you think should be in the movies.


What villains do you want to see on the big screen?


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