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Since Arrow's pilot came out, a lot of the show's fans (including yours truly) felt that the Archer with a Green Hood was a lot like Batman, you know, the rich boy who uses his company Aplied Science's Division to fight some punks at night.

That theory had worn off for a while, but after the Flash's " Enter Zoom" episode, I am like, 98% sure that this theory is a fact, and here's why:

Back at Earth 2, we can notice at the News Channel that Harrison Wells is watching that the Hood's identity is ready to go to light.


The Anchor says that Oliver Queen had died and it was his father that survived the Island of Lian Yu, leading us to believe that Robert Queen IS Earth two's Green Arrow.


For those who don't know, in the Flashpoint Paradox storyline, the Flash enters a reality where Bruce Wayne was the one who got murdered as a child, causing his father to turn into Batman and his mother to turn into the Joker.

Like Daredevil always says, it's a shot in the dark, but the evidences are getting numerous, not to mention that in Season three, Ra's Al Ghul chooses Oliver Queen as his successor, but all the comic book fans know that the one person the Head of the Demon EVER asked that was...

Sorry, Stephen Amell fans...
Sorry, Stephen Amell fans...

If I am right, then the CW is making a huge mistake, I mean, man, if they brought every evidence of Batman's existence, quoted Solomon Grundy, brought Firefly, Ra's Al Ghul and Deathstroke to this big party, WHY CAN'T THEY BRING THE FREAKIN' BATMAN???

They don't need to hire a expensive actor, just bring someone who can wear the mantle, perhaps a young Batman? in his twenty two's, perhaps?


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