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Not long ago, I put out Part 1 on my ideas for members on the newest Arrow spin-off [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), and as I promised, here is my Part 2 on members in Legends of Tomorrow, continuing my list.

8. Katana

In 2016, Suicide Squad will come out. And this movie will not be apart of the Arrowverse, it will be apart of the DC Extended Universe. But, I believe that Katana need's to be a member who dies in that movie. And if that happened, there would not be two Katana's and people would not be confused. My other point is that, Tatsu Yamashiro, showed up for many of the episodes in Arrow season 3. But as Katana, maybe two or three. Katana could be convinced by the Legends of Tomorrow that, the world needs saving, and she can help. Maybe that is why she would join the team. But I really want more of this character, Rila Fukushima has done a great job with this her, and I know I want to see more.

9. Red Tornado

Soon, on Supergirl, Red Tornado will appear. T.O. Morrow will create Red Tornado and he will pose a threat to Supergirl. And to me Supergirl is in the Arrowverse, because it actually fits. Since Supergirl will most likely defeat Red Tornado, and not kill him, why not use this character as a crossover between the two universe's. Iddo Goldberg can be a main cast member on Legends on Tomorrow and help the team as a good guy. But if this is not the case, and Supergirl, is not apart of the Arrowverse, then Red Tornado would still fit into this universe perfectly. Professor Martin Stein and Ray Palmer could create Red Tornado for the good of mankind. Either way, this character fits on this show.

10. Nightwing

Robin is going to be apart of the new show on TNT called Titans or Blackbirds. But nothing has been announced about this show for months. Personally, I think it's going to get cancelled before it even gets a trailer. But I hope it does become a show. If this show does not happen though, Dick Grayson needs to appear on this show. First, Nightwing could appear on Arrow, then he becomes a member of the Legends of Tomorrow. He could be making references of how he felt that Batman betrayed him, so he left and became Nightwing in Bludhaven.

11. Doctor Fate

As many of you know, Constantine appeared in Arrow season 4, making the Constantine TV show canon within the Arrowverse. And in the pilot episode of Constantine, we saw Doctor Fate's helmet, very much indicating that Doctor Fate exists in the Arrowverse. Someone from the comics could use the helmet we saw before, and be Doctor Fate. We should see more mysticism in the Arrowverse, and Doctor Fate exists, so we can use him/her.

12. The Question

Everyone wants to see the Question in the Arrowverse. Whether it is on Arrow itself or it's on a spin-off. I want to see the Question, but on Legends of Tomorrow. This would be the best way to include the character without giving him his own show. There is one problem I have with this character though. Anthony Carrigan is playing Victor Zsasz on Gotham. And it is possible that Gotham connects to Arrow. If the Question shows up, he should be played by Anthony Carrigan, and Gotham is set as a prequel before Arrow. Then these shows would be connected, and everyone can see their beloved, The Question

13. Booster Gold

Time travel has been introduced on The Flash, and we know there will be time travel in Legends of Tomorrow. Maybe in season 2 the Legends went 20 years in the future and found Michael Jon Carter, otherwise known as Booster Gold. Booster Gold could have already had his origin, and is a superhero. He could easily come back into the past with the Legends and become a member.

14. Blue Beetle

Ted Kord and his company have been mentioned already on Arrow. He was scheduled to appear in season 3 but Ray Palmer took his place because Warner Bros. is making the movie Booster Gold & Blue Beetle. But Warner Bros. could let Berlanti Productions use the Jaime Reyes version. They could show his origin on Legends of Tomorrow, and he could become a member. Or the Legends went to the future and got both Booster Gold and the Ted Kord Blue Beetle, that would work as well. Blue Beetle will work on the show if they use Jaime Reyes or Ted Kord.

Remember, this is Part 2 of a series. I will put out at least two more parts for this topic.

So do you disagree or agree with any of my members? Do you like any of my ideas? Please let me know!


Which member do you want to see on Legends of Tomorrow?


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