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You see this guy right here?

His name is Gaspar Noé.

Gaspar Noé is a french filmmaker who is known for making VERY controversial films. The films he has done are I Stand Alone (1998), Enter the Void (2009), and one of my personal favorite movies, Irreversible (2002). If you are familiar with any of these movies, then you probably are aware of how graphic his movies can be. But that being said, I think he's a very talented dude, and his movies, although heavy on violence, sex, and drugs, are actually very well made, being visually stunning with incredible cinematography, and are often very well acted. He's personally one of my favorite filmmakers, and I think he has made a HUGE impact on independent cinema.

This year, just last week, he released his newest film called Love (2015), and even went as far as to release it in 3D. I unfortunately didn't get the chance to see this film in 3D, so I can't really tell you how well the 3D is. But as for the movie itself, it's probably one of the most sexually explicit movies that I've ever seen (that isn't porn of course).

Love (2015) was released on November 6 in limited theaters and on demand, and I was lucky enough to watch the film the day it came out, and boy do I have a lot to say about it.

Feel free to check out my review of the film down below, where I give you guys my thoughts, and suggest whether this film is worth watching:


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