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I fell like the entire Star Wars Rebels series has fallen flat it hasn't really stood out to me as a quality show. I feel that it has underwritten characters as we never really learn a whole lot about any of them sure we learn a little bit here and there but we still don't really know who these people are and where they come from and knowing about a character gets you invested in that character and it makes you care about them, so far I haven't really cared about these characters.

Another thing is the animation quality (I think we all know I mean the texture quality) I know I know that's one of the worst reasons to not like something, but for me the the visual quality of something plays a big part in my being able to enjoy it.

And one of the biggest issues that I have with this show is its use of established characters from the Original Trilogy and the Clone Wars either as Cameos or major plot points. Literally half of the first season is made up of these cameos and the first five episodes of the second season are filled with established characters being used as major plot points for each episode. It seems to me that the creators of this show have very little faith in this shows ability to stand on its own without being carried along by the popularity of other characters. For me the overusing of established characters has taken away from the show and instead of building up the main characters stories they are building up already existing characters with numerous stories and adventures of their own. Star Wars Rebels does not feel like a show about some people rebelling against the Empire, it feels like a show that's about Darth Vader or Ahsoka Tano and her Clone friends if anything it feels like a continuation of the Clone wars.

This show has broken Continuity on several occasions and supposedly continuity is "a big thing" with this "new canon" and yet we have breaches of continuity in Rebels

Like this

Notice the difference of the design on her head tails and her face, and look at how the Jedi vision of herself looks different.

And then there is this atrocity

A fat guy fits into the same armor that he wore when he was skinny, and there are no signs of modification to the armor either. And no he ain't wearing some other clones armor because there was no such thing as a fat clone.

And the worst crime is this

Sabine gets her blaster fire deflected back into her face and chest but she is totes fine, but the problem is that she used those same blasters to shoot and kill stormtroopers. Oh and no she did not survive because she is wearing Mandalorian Iron/Beskar because according to Lucasfilm that armor type does not exist anymore and until they say otherwise it will continue to not exist.

Continuity is a very important thing it helps draw into the universe in a sense it helps make you believe, but with breaches of continuity like these it makes you stop and say "wait just a minute" and it takes you out of the universe. Its like where is the story group in all of this? Its like where is the continuity police stepping in and saying "hey wait a minute now that doesn't line up with this part of Star Wars Lore" guess continuity ain't such a big deal anymore...

Then comes the worst part of this show the part where no one in the universe can capture these people. Not a highly trained Imperial Agent, Not a trained Jedi Killer who we later learn is the top Imperial Inquisitor known as the Grand Inquisitor (which makes him the best of the best sir), Not a top military officer who is in charge of the entire outer rim territories and probably has near unlimited resources at his disposal, Not even Darth Vader who is as of right now the second most powerful (Canon) Sith in the entire Universe who has slain countless Jedi Masters, Knights, Padawans and Younglings. And every single of those people has failed to capture or kill these rebels on multiple occasions mind you. Its as if everyone isn't as smart or cunning as the Rebels...

For me this show is not as great as people are making it out to be, it has Underwritten characters with very little background development, childish animation, It uses the popularity of established characters to draw in an audience instead of letting the show do it for itself, Continuity breaches, and incompetent villains.

Rebels has yet to live up to any expectations I might have had for it.


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