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Arrow Season 4 has a had six episodes now and they are all pretty damn good. We are getting so many characters on this show now that we forget about some of the old cast members and quite frankly, we should because these are the five people we will never see on Arrow again, most likely because, hey, it's a comic book show! This show has the problem bringing back characters from the dead, I mean, this is Sara's third time! Remember, this does NOT include any appearances from Earth 2 or anywhere else, these are the Earth 1 regular characters we knew.

Tommy Merlyn

Who? Yes, remember Oliver's best friend, son of Malcolm Merlyn. He's been dead since Season 1 and there is a very low chance of him coming back to the show. He was no superhero and this was before all the weird magic started showing up when we saw him die. There is no reason to bring him back to the show, and we can move on because I bet half of you forgot about him until you saw this post! Don't get me wrong, I love the character and maybe he can show up in a flashback or some other form, but he's not coming back.

Moira Queen

Oliver and Thea's mom had her run in the first two seasons until towards the end of the second, where she was stabbed in the chest by Slade Wilson. She has to be dead, we all saw it. Like Tommy, she was no superhero and how she would come back to life would be beyond me. Also like Tommy, there is no reason to bring her back. She does have a ghost form in the comics, but ghosts will probably not be on the show, at least not for now.

Roy Harper

He is one of the people who is not dead on this list. Also, he probably will show up one or two more times on Arrow as a guest star. They said he would be back in Season 3, but now, I can't see them fitting him into the script. The only reason I included him on this list is because he was a main character and we will barely ever see him again, and now there is a good chance we won't see him in any more seasons. We will see him once, possibly, to see what he's been up to and that will be it.

Ra's Al Ghul

Ra's is also very dead and even though he was Ra's Al Ghul with the power of the Lazarus Pit, no one would bring him back - not his daughter or anyone else. Even though we will probably see another Lazarus Pit, the main one was destroyed, so there goes his chances. They also have Malcolm Merlyn as Ra's Al Ghul. There is no reason to have him back and in reality, there is no room for him.


The last one who makes the list is Deadshot. He had his run with the Suicide Squad and was eventually killed off in the explosion last season. With the feature film Suicide Squad coming out next August, they had to stop putting it on Arrow, which I hate! The Suicide Squad will probably be back, maybe after the movie comes out, which would be Season 5. Even if it does, this guy will not be back, and don't expect Harley Quinn there either, but never lose hope!


Will any of these characters return to Arrow?

What do YOU guys think of this? Tell me below!


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