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If you're looking for that (perfectly dysfunctional) Christmas movie of the year for your family, Love the Coopers is the foolproof film for you!

Written by Steven Rogers and directed by Jessie Nelson, It begins with the four generations of the Cooper family joining together for their annual Christmas celebration. But as the evening progresses, unfortunate events interrupt the lives of each respective family member throughout the holiday evening. But, as should be with all families, the mishaps only lead the Coopers back home for some much needed bonding time before the evening's festivities begin — making them realize what the season is truly about.

This movie had a grade-A cast that made the film as wonderful as it was; starring John Goodman, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde, Marisa Tomei, Ed Helms and a surprise guest that I just can't bring myself to ruin for you. It's a great ending!

If you love Meet the Parents, you're going to wholeheartedly appreciate Love the Coopers. Yes, it's the kind of movie you'll love watching with your fam-bam on those family movie nights!

I can't say too much more without giving it all away, but trust me; this is a must-see movie you've got to take your family to (PG-13 rating for some explicit language and sexuality). I'm sure every member of the family will be able to relate to a character, finding who best represents whom. The beautiful thing about this film is that it's not your average cookie-cutter family behind the white picket fence. They're not just lazing away reminiscing over fun family pastimes. It shows the ugliest sides of people. It's honest and refreshing, and entirely relatable.

You'll be thoroughly engaged and empathetic toward the five storylines that are gripping you along an emotional roller coaster. The ride is equally crazy and amazing - and trust me, you won't mind taking the front seat on this one. It's pretty real, guys.

Oh, did I mention the final reason you have to see this already easily convincing film? There's a dog! No, don't worry; the dog doesn't die or anything, but he's also not just any dog, either. This dog has a special prize waiting for you and it'll make you happy — maybe even a bit sappy at the end. Who knows?

Find out! 'Love the Coopers' is out now!


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