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Have you noticed the clear similarities in posters lately?

We have been surrounded by Star Wars news everyday and I am lovin' it! The Force Awakens character posters were revealed not too long ago. They all have the characters facing forward holding a prop on the left blocking their eye.

Finn revealing his inner-Jedi looks pretty sweet.

Looking good, Rey.

If these positions look familiar, it is because these character posters have been done over and over again before with different movies.

It has been done recently on the poster for another upcoming fantasy blockbuster..

Yup. This is not anything new. Take a look at posters of the characters face that look very much alike to the posters above..

Wait! There is more..

Looks like the designers of the movie posters are trying to get the stars' face off. (bad pun)

The original face/off
The original face/off

Anyways, you get the idea. Posters seem to be borrowing off each other all of the time. These days, they are beginning to lack creativity and now they all look the same.

It is getting boring after a while and Hollywood needs more original ideas when it comes to posters, marketing and original films as well.


Should Hollywood be more creative with their marketing?


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