ByStephen Cass, writer at

I'm feeling frustrated w/ the show. 3rd episode and I am asking why am I still watching? I keep hoping for better, something w/substance. But instead I keep getting more cliches, no common sense and instead of Supergirl, I am getting Super Brat. You would think after getting your ass handed to you and damn near killed twice, you would figure out maybe going head on is not the best idea. And getting help from a shadow agency is better than from your family (or family friend)? Instead you almost get your best friend killed. "I'm just as good, I just need to be allowed to prove myself". HORSESH*! And I would have called her out on it (Jimmy). How quickly we forget the Kryptonite room and Superman had the advantage of slowly building up to Supervillians. She doesn't need another friend, she needs honest advice (which appears to be only coming from her boss). And I am putting too much effort into this. Supergirl should have taken it's cue from The Flash as to how to build a show from the start.


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