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I watch a lot of TV. Some good, some bad, some get axed way too soon and some drag on way too long until they die a horrible death.

Here are some shows that I think should end:

(All opinions are my own. Put your pitchforks down and if you agree or disagree; let's be civilised and have a discussion.)


The Big Bang Theory.
The Big Bang Theory.

For about the first two or three seasons, I only saw a couple of episodes every now and then but from about the fourth season onwards when I watched the show semi-religiously.

Now onto season nine, I have so far found this season to be mostly unfunny and it may be something that could be improved by having shorter seasons.

This does still bring in the major ratings, but why not go out on top?

TEEN WOLF (Currently in SEASON 5 on MTV)

Teen Wolf.
Teen Wolf.

I watched this show until the end of 3B and while I do miss seeing some of the actors on my screen, I don't miss the show.

It's full of bad writing, poor character development, underused and easily disposed of supporting characters and not to mention a skewed timeline.

Aside from the above reasons, ever since the end of season two, actors have been leaving non-stop. Every season since then, at least one main actor has left the show.

CASTLE (Currently in SEASON 8 on ABC)


Pretty much every week when I have a look online, I'm constantly seeing news of Castle hitting series lows this season.

I watched this show for about five seasons and just never went back to it but I'm not overly fussed, nor do I feel like I'm missing out.

Again this seems like a show that should end before the ratings get a lot worse.

THE GOOD WIFE (Currently in SEASON 7 on CBS)

The Good Wife.
The Good Wife.

I watched this show up until season six and even then, it was getting repetitive. One moment Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) wants nothing to do with her husband, the next she does, then they are faking it for political reasons and then repeat.

Since then, two main characters have left, one (Archie Panjabi) even filming scenes separately from Margulies then being edited in afterwards.

I think I smell some behind the scenes drama!

BONES (Currently in SEASON 11 on FOX)


I stopped watching about six seasons ago and it's not a show I miss.

It's pretty much the same as any other procedural show and gets repetitive after a while but I think the nail in this coffin would have to be when they crossed over with Sleepy Hollow, a show about Ichabod Crane, a resurrected 18th Century hero... um WHAT?!?

Other notable possibilities:

Supernatural (Season Eleven): Another show that should end while it's on top before it dies a horrible death.

Grey's Anatomy (Season Twelve): Most of the original cast have left the show and another series that's getting repetitive.

Vampire Diaries (Season Seven): It's just lost one of it's main stars, it won't be long before others want out.

Remember, these are just based on my opinions. I'm just sick of seeing what were once great shows, butchered to death by staying on the air too long.


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