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From 2001 to 2006, the late, great comedian Bernie Mac tickled our funny bones with his family sitcom The Bernie Mac Show. We laughed along with the misadventures of the previously childless couple, Bernie and Wanda McCullough, in their efforts to raise three children.

Although Bernie's parenting style was somewhat unconventional, fans of the show fell in love with his hilariously tough exterior and wonderfully kind heart towards his nieces and nephew: Nessa, Jordan, and "Baby Girl" Bryana. It's been almost ten years since the series came to an end, and Bernie's three children have seriously grown up. Here's what the kids of The Bernie Mac Show look like today.

Camille Winbush, Vanessa 'Nessa' Thomkins

[Credit: 20th Television/@camilleswinbush Intagram]
[Credit: 20th Television/@camilleswinbush Intagram]

Age Then: 11
Age Now: 27
Works since: Since playing Vanessa, the eldest and most antagonizing of Bernie's three adopted children, Camille Winbush has appeared in shows like Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, and had a recurring role in The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Lauren Treacy from 2008-2013. Her latest project, Everything But a Man is currently in post-production.

Jeremy Suarez, Jordan Thomkins

[Credit: 20th Television/Vimeo On Demand]
[Credit: 20th Television/Vimeo On Demand]

Age Then: 11
Age Now: 26
Works since: After playing the quirky middle child, Jordan, Jeremy Suarez has continued acting. He was the voice of Koda in Disney's Brother Bear as well as Jack on King of the Hill. More recently, Jeremy starred in Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie and, according to his IMDb page, he's last project (from 2015) was called The Fix.

Dee Dee Davis, Bryana 'Baby Girl' Thomkins

[Credit: 20th Television/ Dee Deed Davis Facebook]
[Credit: 20th Television/ Dee Deed Davis Facebook]

Age Then: 5
Age Now: 20
Works since: After capturing America's hearts as 'Baby Girl' Bryana, Dee Dee Davis went on to appear in shows like Strong Medicine and ER. She has since taken a break from acting. From her Twitter, however, it's clear she's grown from an adorable little girl to a gorgeous young woman.

It's been over 10 years since the show was canceled and nine years since Bernie Mac passed away, but The Bernie Mac Show is just as funny as when it first aired.

Who's your favorite character from The Bernie Mac Show?


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