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You may remember back in July when the Internet was freaking out over Bug Hall, the child-actor who played the adorable Alfalfa in Little Rascals? Alfalfa was the best, with his dandy dressing and springing hairstyle, but little did we know he'd grow up to longbottom as hard as Matthew Lewis.

In addition to enjoying the perv' factor the discovery allowed, it also enabled us to reminisce about this marvelously madcap movie, and the feathers the 'He-Man Womun Haters Club,' ruffled.

The Little Rascals celebrated its 20th anniversary last year and the cast got together for a photo shoot, getting into their lovable characters for one more time. A bunch of new shots have recently emerged on Imgur that further facilitate the nostalgia glory.




Alfalfa and Darla

Porky and Buckwheat

Alfalfa and Spanky

Butch, Alfalfa and Woim

Alfalfa, Spanky and Froggy

Butch vs. Alfalfa, Spanky and Froggy

Jane, Darla and Mary Ann

Alfalfa and Spanky




Jane, Darla, Mary Ann and Waldo

They also did this awesome reenactment of the movie's iconic cover that you can check out below:

Source: Imgur


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