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Following the announcement earlier this week that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has officially been cast as the villainous Negan in The Walking Dead, the Internet has been abuzz with fans over the moon with the casting choice.

Despite the 49-year-old actor being well-known for rather less villainous roles in (such as his work in TV series Grey's Anatomy, The Good Wife and Supernatural) the general consensus seems to be that he's pretty perfect for the role. Not to mention that it's an absolute display of how far the series has come that it now attracts actors of such pedigree.

So, with Morgan officially cast, how might he look when he finally appears on our screens as Negan? Well, thanks to the power of photoshop and some very talented folks we can see exactly how Jeffrey Dean Morgan is totally capable of morphing into the very distinct looking Negan we know from the comic series. Check it out:

Source: Bosslogic/ Comicbook
Source: Bosslogic/ Comicbook

This image, designed for, comes from the artist BossLogic and totally captures the ferocious stare, receding hairline and all-around brutality that is Negan. BossLogic has, naturally, paired Negan with his ever-present weapon of choice, Lucille (a razor wire-covered baseball bat), which looks like it has recently seen some extreme action.

Source: Bosslogic/ Comicbook
Source: Bosslogic/ Comicbook

Check out the close up of the portrait and you may even be able to see who all that blood belongs to—yep, that's right, it's Glenn's. BossLogic you sick bastard. I love it.

Source: Redditor eyeaim2missbehave
Source: Redditor eyeaim2missbehave

This portrait poster was quickly put together by Redditor eyeaim2missbehave, who included not only Lucille, but also the first words that Negan ever speaks to Rick Grimes. It's extremely likely that this phrase will be uttered on the show in weeks or months to come, and when it does it will probably send shivers down the spines of many devoted comic book readers who have bean waiting to see Negan on screen for years.

With Negan slated to make his first appearance in the TV series in the Season 6 finale, we don't have too much longer to wait until we see Jeffrey Dean Morgan in all his Negan glory. I gotta say, after seeing this fan art, I have a feeling that when we do finally meet him, he will not disappoint.

'The Walking Dead' airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC

Source: Comicbook, Reddit, Boss Logic


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