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Paris Games Week gave us some beautiful new clips and games to fawn over, but it also brought the news that a lot of us were expecting: No Man's Sky has been delayed until June, 2016. It's the second major Sony title that has been pushed to 2016 following the delaying of Uncharted 4. Though I guess no one wants to compete with Fallout 4 right now. Can't blame them either, it's incredible!

But why was Hello Games' indie beauty delayed for such a long time? We had the impression that it was going to be released around this time. Was it a plan after Sony saw the releases coming out this late in the year? Did the team have development issues? Or does Sony have plans for Playstation VR?

No Man's Sky - Why the Delayed Release Date?

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

After seeing various interviews with Sean Murray, you get the impression that No Man's Sky is something that stresses him - his tweet summed that up beautifully. The game is clearly something that requires a tremendous amount of effort from the small team at Hello Games. After all, they have to ensure that an entire universe functions and doesn't throw some terrifying sights at us when we get the chance to explore it.

Therefore, the most logical explanation for the delay of No Man's Sky, is that the team require more time to ensure it's a functioning product on release date. You saw Sean Murray at E3, right? He said that he'd go mad if he had to show off his game at another E3 conference. What's he referring to, though? That he doesn't want to work on the game for that long? Or that he hates being on the E3 stage? Both are likely answers.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

The alternative to all of this, is that the reason for delaying No Man's Sky is actually a desire of Sony's. Perhaps this time of the year was far too packed with astounding AAA titles for them to throw No Man's Sky into the ring. It may be a beautiful game, but it won't launch very well alongside the likes of Fallout. But aside from this, there could be another, more enticing reason for its delay.

Is No Man's Sky A Playstation VR Title?

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

It's basically the most perfect game you could think of to sell Playstation VR to PS4 owners. If we all have the idea that [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052) is best played with a VR kit strapped to our face, it may persuade a lot of gamers to pick up the equipment at launch. The idea that Sony haven't considered VR support for No Man's Sky is laughable - of course they have! But is it possible?

What do you make of the delayed release date for No Man's Sky? Has Playstation VR been involved in its delay? Or are Hello Games simply swamped with work? Let us know where you stand in the comments below!


Which reason do you think is more likely?


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