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Rob Harris

During the latest Nintendo Direct briefing Pokemon fans were treated to a wonderful surprise announcement, confirming the return of the 3 classic games that sparked this whole Pocket Monster phenomenon in the first place: Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow!

That's right, come February you'll be able to take a nostalgic trip down Victory Road, re-living these GameBoy classics on the 3DS.

Unfortunately, these won't be revamped remakes (like many fans we're hoping), but instead the original versions the game running on the handheld's Virtual Console.

But don't worry, the new Red, Blue and Yellow won't be totally devoid of new features. Utilizing the 3DS's wireless technology, you'll now be able to trade Pokemon across the airwaves, meaning you won't have to fish out your dusty old link cable from the attic.

I can't wait to dive back into the tall grass to catch 'em all. How about you? Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow launch (again) on Feb 27th, 2016.


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