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*Warning: Spoilers for Arrow and The Flash Lie Ahead.*

Are you excited for the next crossover episode of Arrow and The Flash? Both shows are doing brilliantly well and have amassed huge followings.

If you've been keeping up with their progress you'll know that things aren't going well in Oliver Queen's Star City or Barry Allen's Central City. Star City is a wreck under the tyranny of Damien Darhk and his H.I.V.E. operatives, whereas in Central City the ever light-hearted Team Flash are dealing with Zoom and his metahumans.

You might have heard that the CW has a new pair of crossovers scheduled for this season's Arrow and The Flash. If you caught the original crossovers you'll know they were spectacularly good!

The Arrow-Flash crossover episode was absolutely fantastic, due in no small part to the epic battle between Oliver Queen and Barry Allen!

So... what do we know about the next Arrow-Flash crossovers?

Well for starters we know The Flash episode will be entitled 'Legends of Today,' and the Arrow episode will be called 'Legends of Yesterday.' Moreover, we know the crossover episodes will be used to introduce the new spin-off series, the CW's Legends of Tomorrow.

Arrow producer and writer Marc Guggenheim has recently spoken to 'Deadline,' revealing that the next crossovers will be an intricate two-part story, rather than two separate episodes, like 'Flash vs Arrow' (The Flash) and 'The Brave and The Bold' (Arrow). Also, in this season's crossovers we can expect a single antagonist, Vandal Savage.

"It truly is a 2-hour Flash/Arrow event that just so happens to introduce us to some new characters who will be a big part of Legends Of Tomorrow."

So our newest Flash-Arrow crossover will have added Legends of Tomorrow action! I doubt these crossovers will top the epic fight between The Arrow and The Flash, but there's every chance we'll see something equally as good!

Official Synopsis For 'Legends of Today' and 'Legends of Yesterday.'

The CW has now released an official synopsis for both 'Legends of Today, (The Flash) and 'Legends of Yesterday' (Arrow). It looks like they've really built on the success of the previous crossovers!

1. 'Legends of Today.'

As if Zoom wasn't a big enough threat, Team Flash are soon to come up against Vandal Savage (Casper Crump), who is set on capturing or killing Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renée), a.k.a. "Hawkgirl."

After Savage attacks Cisco and Kendra, Barry will then take her to the safe harbour that is Star City, to leave her under the protection of Oliver Queen. However, she is kidnapped / rescued by Hawkman (Falk Hentschel), at which point I assume their origins will be explained.

We also know that Harrison Wells develops a serum to improve Barry's speed, something he's sure to need when he next goes up against Zoom. In order to test this concoction he makes a fairly predictable offer to the de-powered speedster from Earth 2, Jay Garrick.

So I suppose there's every chance we'll be seeing two speedsters fighting alongside one another in the next crossover episode, which is set to air on December 1st.

2. 'Legends of Yesterday.'

Whilst Team Arrow have been battling Zoom, Team Arrow have been facing Damien Darhk. Continuing where 'Legends of Today' left off, 'Legends of Yesterday' begins with Oliver and Barry taking Kendra and Carter Hall, a.k.a. "Hawkman" somewhere safe.

They then exploit their relationship with Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), using the head of the League of Shadows as a means of arranging a meeting with Vandal Savage.

Naturally their meeting with Savage doesn't go as planned, and I assume all kinds of hilarity ensues. Whilst Barry and Oliver are off on their crazy adventures their teams are using their combined resources to develop a weapon to stop Savage.

Presumably they fail; at least I hope so, as Legends of Tomorrow will be a pretty dull show without a villain!

The second episode of this season's crossover is due to air on December 2nd, so we have about two weeks to wait until they hit our screens. They're set up to be fantastic, are you excited?


Are you excited for 'Legends of Today' and 'Legends of Yesterday?'

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