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I'm about to take you on a journey. But not just any journey. This is a journey of self discovery. A journey of defying all odds. A journey of sticking it it to the man. To hell with societies rules. These cosplayers are bringing sexy back in style. Meet the Misty cosplayers. And yes, we're talking Misty from Pokemon.

You'll never again watch an episode of Pokemon without a hint of repressed guilt, shame and arousal. I promise. So let's wait no longer, and take our first step:

Airbrushed and Tattooed Misty

We start our journey out like all journeys - excited about what's to come. Energized by the thought of experiences we are due to have and the people we will meet.

What a way to start than an attractive (albeit airbrushed) cosplay of Misty. This wouldn't look out of place in Vogue. Strong start.

Peaceful and Content Misty

The sun is shining, the birds are (presumably) singing, and Misty is looking all at ease and peaceful.

A nice place to stop at part two of our journey. Inoffensive and quite cute. Let's move on.

Oh hay - it's Misty in a field

Now we'll stop off in a cosy cosplaying field, where we meet another Misty.

So far, so good, you may say. But don't you know that all of life's journeys through up curve balls? All of life's journey's have challenges along the way? This is no different...

Hench smouldering Misty

Now, for some of you, the journey's only just getting started. Things are heating up! This isn't weird, this is neo-fashion. Being a man means wearing hot-pants, holding a stuffed Pokemon toy and fist pumping to your hearts content.

Strike a pose Misty

Here, we make a quick stop off at strike-a-pose-Misty. It looks like this guy was so busy posing for camera and showing off his DIY breasts, he's 'mist' his opportunity to pull, what looks to be, Laura Croft.

I'm assuming it's Laura Croft, but to be completely honest, by this part of the journey I'm becoming a bit delirious. Things can only get better, right?

Lost for words Misty

Wrong. NOW it can only get better...

Texas Chainsaw Misty

That's it. I've had enough. This is the end of the road guys, journey's over. Go home, nothing to see here.

I'll let this picture do the talking, but note the immense juxtaposition between cosplaying as a female, children's cartoon character and an expression that says "I've seen things you'll never see. I've been to places you'll never be. Cross my path and you'll be SORRY".

Remember, kids - cosplay is FUN!

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