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Maybe I'm entirely out of the loop, but I had no idea these three even knew each other!

Earlier this week, Robert Pattinson cozied up to Katy Perry and fiancée FKA twigs at the 8th Annual GO Campaign Gala. Apparently, Katy is a mutual friend between the two of them, and they spent all night yukking it up as the fundraiser wore on.

Getty Images
Getty Images

A longtime supporter of GO campaign, Robert paid $8,500 for a two-person trip to Peru, and the money is definitely going to a good cause. The initiative finds local heroes all across the globe and supports these grassroots efforts to bring services and resources to children and young adults.

For her part, Katy Perry walked away with a Mexican dinner for 50 guests worth $5,500. At the end of the night, FKA twigs gave a trademark ethereal performance with acoustic backing and bare feet.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Now that I know Rob and Katy are good friends, I'm expecting my invite to their next soirée any day now. I may not be able to afford these kinds of fundraisers, but I can certainly fawn over FKA twigs just like them!

(Source: Us Magazine)


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