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Despite the 17 year age gap between Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner, there's no denying the two sisters are remarkably similar looking. Check out the evidence that Kim and Kylie may actually be twins, born in different decades:

1. Kylie and Tyga vs. Kim and Kanye

Big sunglasses? Check. Eyebrows on fleek? Check. Musician boyfriend? Check!

2. Poolside smolder

It's almost a mirror image!

3. Cleopatra-chic

Check out those bangs, and that contouring! They could definitely pass for twins.

4. Two halves totally make a whole!

Whoa, this one's just a bit spooky!

5. Is Kylie raiding Kim's closet?

Who would have thought that both sisters had done a photo shoot involving white fur coats, but they def' do!

6. Sheer magic

This one is black and white—they're definitely cut from the same cloth!

7. Whoa! Back it up!

There's no two ways around it, it's fair to say both sisters are rocking that signature Kardashian booty!

8. Angelic

Those soft hair waves, those white skirts, are they working the twin look on purpose or are they just so in tune?

9. Cut it out!

Both sisters totally rocked the cut-out bikini!

10. Plunging necklines galore

No one ever accused the Kardashian-Jenner klan of being modest, and these two outfits prove this family are kindred spirits when it comes to fashion.

11. Getting cheeky

Check out those cheekbones! Beautiful.

12. Wrap it up

If Kim was wearing a big pair of sunglasses in this picture, then I'm not even sure I could tell the pair apart!

Source: Hollywood Life


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