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Microsoft have finally unveiled their backwards compatibility function for the XBOX One, now you can play over a hundred of your favorite Xbox 360 titles on your brand new console. From the likes of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Beyond Good & Evil HD, to all of the Gears of War games and the first two Doom titles, your Xbox One just got a whole lot better.

But of course, one of the shining games that is now available on your Xbox One, is Bioware's Mass Effect. The whole trilogy isn't on it just yet, but we'll get there eventually. For now, you can enjoy this classic Scifi RPG on a new home, and after having done so, it's clear what [Mass Effect: Andromeda](tag:2683449) needs to accomplish on its release date.

Backwards Compatibility Has Brought Mass Effect From the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

The original Mass Effect is the one game in the series that I've played only twice. God knows how many times I've played Mass Effect 2 and 3! Therefore, it's affect on me is often overlooked. In fact, I don't think I've ever given the game enough praise or credit. The original Mass Effect is a true RPG, devoid of many of the action elements that part 2 and 3 promote, but it's also the one that gave us the universe that we all adore.

4 Things Mass Effect: Andromeda Needs to Learn

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect: Andromeda

The original Mass Effect still does things better than the rest of the games. It has an unmatched charm, one that'\s delightful to revisit on the Xbox One. Mass Effect: Andromeda can be as much of an action game as it desires, but it needs to connect with the start of the series, and the captivating elements that it still boasts after all these years.

A Great Introduction

There's something that the original game just doesn't get enough attention for: it introduced us to the universe that we adore! Everyone raves about the remarkable characters and missions in Mass Effect 2, and how conversations brought us closer to our crew than anyone else in gaming history. But the original game did a remarkable job of setting the tone of the series.

It gracefully introduced us to all of the races, and the inner-workings of this futuristic galaxy. The first mission did a great job of dropping us into the middle of everything and giving us something small to focus our attention on: a villain. After we had a motive, the rest fell into place perfectly. We were engaged in the narrative and we gradually started to learn more and more about the universe we found ourselves in. A beautiful start to a trilogy that Andromeda needs to replicate with its new galaxy.

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

Mass Effect is An RPG

It may seem like a silly thing to say, but the rest of the series followed the line that Bioware's trilogies usually do. Dragon Age had the same thing happen. The first games a was a true RPG, the second one tried to become an action game, and then the third installment attempted to strike a balance between the two. It wasn't always successful with Dragon Age, but aside from a controversial ending, the Mass Effect trilogy did a great job.

However, we did lose a lot of what made the first game so spectacular in the process. The series strayed a little too far from what made the original's combat so enjoyable. We'd love to see that RPG focus return in Andromeda.

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

Solid & Unforgettable Characters

In my opinion, Mass Effect introduced the greatest characters in the trilogy. We had some great people and aliens step in with Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, but no one could rival the initial connections we had with the likes of Garrus and Liara - at least for me. Mass Effect: Andromeda needs to give us exceptional characters from the outset, people that we'll miss once the game is over. I didn't really have this with Dragon Age: Inquisition, so I hope that this can be corrected with Mass Effect 4.

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

A Great Antagonist

Dragon Age: Inquisition suffered from the lack of a great antagonist. The twist with Solas was excellent, but this was only present in the DLC expansions. For the main campaign, we had to somehow find the will to take down someone that we really didn't care about it. It's important that Mass Effect: Andromeda gives us antagonistic forces like Saren and ultimately, the Reapers. We need to feel like Andromeda is in real threat, we need that motivation that the first game still gives us!

But what about you guys? Have you had the chance to try out Mass Effect through backwards compatibility? What do you think of the first game in the series? Let us know in the comments below!


Which Mass Effect title is your favorite?


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