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The Flash, since it's release has become a major hit amongst comic book fans and the general audiences. What's not to love about the show, Barry and Patty's chemistry, Cisco's witty and humorous remarks and of course Harrison. Season 2 of The Flash centers on the arrival of a new villain: Zoom, a speed demon bent on being the only speedster in every world. But who is this mystery character? Here are some theories regarding the identity of Zoom:

1. Henry Allen (Earth 2):

In the finale of season 1, we see a glimpse of a timeline where Barry is in handcuffs and someone is talking to him. Could that be Earth 2? Where Barry was arrested for the murder of his mother and Henry Allen is struck by the lightning bolt instead. But instead of using his powers for good, Henry takes the path of a villain and becomes hungry for power wanting to be the only speedster in the multiverse. Zoom also seems to have some knowledge on Barry, for example bringing Linda Park's Dr Light through the breach to kill him. It was also weird during the Season 2 premiere that Earth-1 Henry left so early, maybe Henry Allen of Earth-2 may have threatened him to stay away from Barry or he will kill him.

2. Eddie Thawne(Earth 2):

The season 1 finale met the demise of Eddie Thawne, who many fans speculated to be revealed as Cobalt Blue during the shows run. But it could be possible for Eddie Thawne of Earth 2 to be Zoom, having a stronger connection to the speed-force than Barry. The producers have promised they are playing a long game with Zoom's reveal, so us fans hope it will be worth the wait. Rick Cosnett has not appeared in Season 2 (except for the dream sequence) yet hopefully we may see as the monster behind Earth-2's suffering.

3. Barry Allen(Earth-2):

Barry succeeded as The Flash in Earth 1 because of the strong support he had from his friends and family. What if Earth-2's Barry didn't have the support Barry had leading him towards a villainous rampage against every speedster in the multiverse. Earth-2's Arrow is Robert Queen, in Earth-1 Barry is inspired by Oliver to be the hero of his city, maybe not having someone to look up to might have led him to being Zoom.If Barry didn't not have support from his peers he would be a very different person, a brief glimpse of this was given in the season 2 premiere, when Barry tried to go all lone wolf trying to stop crime in Central City, he was rather depressed and didn't really show much enthusiasm until he realised he didn't have to be the hero alone. Earth-2's Barry could've been hurt by the death of his mother, not being fast enough to stop her so he travels the multiverse to ensure he is the only speedster alive.

4. Patty Spivot

No, I'm totally kidding.

5. Felicity Smoak

SMOAK has an O in it, so does Zoom. Holy crap. No just joking.

5. Joe West (Earth 2)

Now being serious, Professor Stein explains that, a person's doppelganger can have a totally different personality in a different universe. What if the man under the monstrous suit is none other than Joe West, this will bring an interesting dynamic to the show and hopefully Earth-1's Joe understands the concept of the multiverse towards the end of the season.


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