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Day 13 of 22


Today we got a behind the scenes of the voice actors video, that features a part with Kiara.

As we already know, Kiara gets trapped behind a rock during a gazelle stampede. However, today we find out she wasn't only trapped, she was hurt too!

Ono is seeking her out hence the weird "filter" on the picture. From the looks of it, Kiara has hurt her paw or leg and is elevating it on the rock. The look of terror on her face though tells all.

Picture of The Day

We finally have some more Kiara pictures to use for Pictures of the Day, In this picture, Kion is telling Kiara he already knows about her role as queen. Kiara meanwhile is giving him a "Really?" glare.

Things to Ponder

"How would Kion feel about Kovu?"

Kion is now part of The Lion King's mythos, and given his and Kiara's age in The Lion Guard, he'd exist during the second half of Lion King 2.

I think it would be a fight between morals for him.

First, the loyalty to his father. Simba hates Kovu because he's an Outsider, so it's likely Kion would hate him for the same reasons.

It's possible over time he'd grow to accept Kovu due to his sister's happiness....

until Kovu's exile, where he'll probably blame Kovu for attacking his father.

However, during the "We are One" speech, he'd probably side with Kiara and Kovu.

We are One brings us to our second possibility: That he could accept Kovu right away. Kion himself defied tradition by making his guard entirely out of non lions,

Then there's a confirmed book where Kion befriends a hyena. This probably means he already understands We are One, and wouldn't be so hostile towards Kovu.

That I'm doing Today

Possibly going to a festival

Watching American Greed, The Soup, and Mock the Week with my friends


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