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One piece is one of the longest standing manga and anime series one can encounter. With now reaching over several hundred episodes and eight hundred manga comics this delightful series about a pirate made of rubber and his diverse and powerful crew has momentum on it's side with no sign of stopping anytime soon. With that being said, One piece contains a group of being known as devil fruit users. The following is a brief explanation of what being a devil fruit user en-tales

Devil fruits-

Devil fruits are rare fruit that are said to contain a type of demon within. With each fruit comes unique and generally powerful abilities depending on what fruit has been eaten. No two devil fruits are exactly the same. If a devil fruit user is to die the demon leaves the users corpse and enter the nearest fruit for the next person to consume it's power. Devil fruits are divided into three groups(categories) Zoan, Paramecia and Logia with Logia being considered the strongest.


Zoan devil fruits are the most common fruit to find. they generally en-tale the user o gain a guaranteed boost to their whole body. Centering around animals and Zoan devil fruit user can generally change from their human form to their animals form o a hybrid form. One known user to have more than one form is Straw Hat crew member Tony Tony Chopper who can transform into multiple form after eating the Human- Human fruit. There are also ancient and mythical Zoan user who gain rare and generally beyond scale power such as Sengoku the Buddha and Marco the Pheonix who are nicknamed after their fruits.


Undoubtedly the most diverse devil fruit the Paramecia class has no real theme other than the standard devil fruit weakness. With some users undergoing physical changes (the Gumu-Gumu no mi) and other who gain abilities that are used externally (Ope-Ope no mi, Mero Mero no mi). Although The middle in terms of ranking power for a devil fruit the paramecia category is home to the "ultimate" Devil fruit known as the Ope-Ope no mi which is known to be able to grant someone eternal life in exchange for the life of the current user.


Known to be the most powerful category. Logia users gain powers specific to a type of elemental force, like fire or smoke. The user can also become intangible and create an unlimited supply of their element that they can control at will. Each type has its own unique traits which can give the user an edge over another Logia type in battle. Similar to the Magu-Magu no mi being able to kill the Mera- Mera no mi despite both being Logia types. This is called a superior Devil fruit.

All Devil fruits have strengths and weaknesses, but one common thread is the weakness to water and Sea stone which is said to drain the demon of it's power weakening the user.

Next i will being Comprising a list of FIVE Possible Devil fruit ideas which could be used to defeat the three flee admiral. the list will be done to rival the former admirals as there is still mystery surrounding the two new admiral to make a comparison.

1. Mirror-Mirror fruit

Rival- Admiral Kizaru, Pika- Pika no mi (Glint Glint fruit)

This devil fruit would be a paramecia class giving the user giving them the ability to create and bend mirrors at will to their advantage, similar to the Bari-Bari no mi. This would Give Admiral Kizaru little wiggle room as his fruit is based of light and mirrors reflect any form of light making majority if his devil fruit useless. Much like How the Gumu-Gumu no mi was able to stop the rumble-rumble fruit despite an obvious difference in power. As well as Light this fruit would also have the ability to reflect most attacks to an extent much lower than the bari-bari no mi but much higher when against a light human. the user could also turn limbs or coat themselves in a mirror and shape knives into their bodies making the Pika-Pika no mi's Intangibility null and void.

2. Melt- Melt fruit

Rival- Aokiji, Hie-Hie no mi (Ice-Ice fruit)

Another parmecia type, the melt melt fruit simply give the user the ability to melt anything by touch with no application of heat. It's abilities do not really extend much further unfortunately for the user but it's affects are permanent until a time where the user touches to reform the substance. This till gives an advantage against the Hie-Hie no mi due the it's unique solid like Logia state. No Head on attacks can affect the user which once again removes and real offence from the powerful marine admiral.

3. Mythical Zoan, Charon

Charon is the fairy man that guides lost souls along the river of styx to Hell. This fruit Simply gives the user the power to walk among/talk/ see the dead. as well as force a persons soul or entire body to hell and back. No one could possibly combat that power and the damage it would do to ones mind would be beyond repair.

4- Gamble-Gamble fruit

This fruit is the third paramecia fruit on the list. This fruit gives the user an unprecedented amount of "luck". Their power extends to bending the odds in their favor. Whether it be a gun misfiring or a barrel of sea water falling out of the sky and hitting an Admiral on the head weakening him. Ridiculous you say? If you had that power and went to the casino you would no being thinking it :P

5. Rock-Rock fruit/Earth-Earth fruit

Rival- Akainu, Magu-Magu no mi (magma-magma Fruit)

A Logia type similar to the Hie-Hie no mi, the Rock-Rock fruit gives the user powe over any form ground or rock surface. This power does no extend to plants only Dirt and similar properties. This fruit gives the edge as the user is a rock human giving them access to any rock including Granite and other volcanic rocks. This provides Heat resistance against Akainu and also act similarly as the mirror-mirror- fruit would against the Pika-Pika no mi.

The marine admirals are strong but I believe these Devil fruits have what it takes to easily combat these powerhouses as well as many others.


Which Of my Devil fruit ideas would you most like to have?


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