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Jared Leto's version of the Joker has already got fans buzzing: the first images of his appearance in Suicide Squad had many people claiming it was a hoax, and the fanbase hasn't decided whether they like him or not. With his distinctive new look, dedicated method acting, and unique interpretation of the character, Jared Leto has ensured that if nothing else, his version of the Joker will get people talking. With all this hype, it's easy to expect the Joker to have a large role in Suicide Squad, but is he really the villain of the film?

The Facts

Ok, so here's what we know about Joker's appearance. He'll definitely show up in flashbacks that tell Harley Quinn's origin story, as the trailer revealed.

Dr Harleen Quinzel is tortured by Joker
Dr Harleen Quinzel is tortured by Joker

After Dr Harleen Quinzel is assigned as the Joker's psychiatrist, it seems that Suicide Squad will follow the origin story of Joker torturing Harleen until she goes mad and develops a kind of Stockholm syndrome, causing her to become infatuated with him.

It's diabolical really, but from the amount of Harley Quinn that we saw in the trailer, it seems that the film will definitely deal with her recovery from Joker's effect on her life, becoming a villain (or anti-hero) in her own right. David Ayer recently spoke about the importance of Harley Quinn's story to the wider plot.

"It’s about her breaking free of The Joker and becoming this fully actualised, independent person. That really is a metaphor for everyone’s journey here."

In this way, it's easy to assume Joker will just be part of Harley's backstory... but the trailer does seem to suggest a little bit more than that.

Joker's Goons

Did you spot Joker's gang in the trailer? Take a closer look.

It's pretty fast paced, but we see Joker's gang lay siege to Arkham Asylum, which leads to the Joker breaking out of his cell and torturing Dr Quinzel. The goons wear all manner of strange and nightmarish disguises (one even has a gigantic eyeball for a mask). And we actually see a very similar group of hoodlums later on, but are they the same gang?

Joker's gang
Joker's gang

From the way the trailer is laid out, it's pretty safe to assume that this happens in present day, not as a flashback. And it seems fairly damning for the Joker: these appear to be his goons, so the logical conclusion is that he wants to break into this facility.

As this scene stands apart from the rest of the scenes in the trailer, I'm gonna guess that this event is something that Task Force X are assembled to prevent (or it might cause them to be assembled). Basically: this gang, and whoever leads them, are who the Suicide Squad are supposed to save the world from.

Still with me? Ok good. Because as much as this seems to suggest that the Joker is the one Amanda Waller wants Task Force X to take out, there's a twist coming that means he's not the villain at all...

Enchantress Was Behind It All Along!

There are two characters that seem separate from the Squad and Amanda Waller: Joker and Enchantress. Jared Leto filmed barely any scenes with the Squad, and although Enchantress was in the first promotional pic of the Squad, she is absent from group shots of them in the trailer.

Cara Delvigne as Enchantress
Cara Delvigne as Enchantress

The Enchantress is actually a magical being possessing the body of spelunker June Moon, and as such her powers are phenomenal, as Cara Delvigne revealed.

"She’s an ancient sorceress, a feral being. She’s been trapped for so long and now she’s finally let out… June is an adventure-seeker who’s always wanted some excitement. And she gets what she wished for, in a terrible way."

Rumours have recently surfaced that Enchantress will actually be the secret villain of Suicide Squad, and while Joker's goons in the trailer seem to contradict that, it's possible that she's just using them. Maybe Task Force X are sent after the Joker, after Enchantress magically manipulates his gang into committing crimes for her. In a twist, Enchantress could be revealed as the true villain.

That's not to say the Joker won't be involved in the final battle somehow. It's possible he finds out, and joins the fray to take down Enchantress out of anger that she used him. Or maybe it really is Joker the Squad are after, and Enchantress... is just sort of there? Somehow? Ok, it's really difficult to know what's going on at this point, but hey! Speculation is half the fun of waiting for the film.

So who do you think will be the villain of Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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