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Imagine the situation: you're a millionaire living in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Hollywood. Your home is beautiful, you're the envy of all your friends, and a bunch of famous faces live right across the road.

For the mega-rich residents of Weidlake Drive, LA, this dream lifestyle has become a living nightmare...

Famous for being rented out to celebs from Justin Bieber to The Weeknd, a 32-bedroom, 51-bathroom mega-mansion on Weidlake Drive has earned a reputation as Hollywood's most hardcore party house.

Bad boys throw the best parties...
Bad boys throw the best parties...

Property developer Danny Fitzgerald is the man responsible for the madness. The house is actually split into four penthouse-style apartments, which Fitzgerald rents out for an insane $40,000 each month - for which you could buy a brand new BMW. But when you're getting luxury like this...

Exhibit A: Just one of 51 very lux bathrooms
Exhibit A: Just one of 51 very lux bathrooms probably can't complain. One of the apartments (with a mere ten bedrooms) is currently occupied by Bastian Yotta, a German millionaire who made his fortune in cosmetics (natch) and hosts regular parties with his wife Maria, at which the only rule is: the fewer clothes, the better.

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Another of the apartments is decked out inside with a club designed to host 300 guests, and the neighbors have found out the hard way that when you round up 300 semi-famous people and throw some high-end vodka (and, you know...) into the mix, things can get crazy pretty quick. Add a lion into the mix - a legit, real-life wild cat - and you've got a recipe for the wildest house party ever.

Wild cats have a habit of livening up house parties
Wild cats have a habit of livening up house parties

And if you've ever seen the Playboy reality series Swing and wondered in which house the couples are banging on the kitchen worktops, you now you have your answer (thankfully, every surface was designed to be wipe-clean).

So perhaps it's not surprising that the neighbors are threatening to sue Fitzgerald - because apparently, a lion casually strolling past your window at 5AM whilst people have sex on the neighbor's lawn just isn't very much fun once the novelty wears off.

The four apartments are on the market for a total of $50m, although real estate specialists say it's only worth half that, so the good people of Weidlake Drive might have to put up with the neighbors from a hell for a while longer.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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