ByNina Delavega, writer at

The lovable loons at Nerdist Industries have another new horror short up their sleeves to share this Halloween season, Lady Killers, which gives Freddy vs. Jason a murderous makeover. You can watch it in its entirety right here!

Directed by Andrew Bowser, Lady Killers watches Matt Bennett (“Victorious”) as he finds out the perils of cosplay daydreams. Starring Adrianne Curry (“America’s Next Top Model”) as the hottest Freddy Krueger you’ll ever see, cosplayers Abby Dark-Star (Lady Jason) and LeeAnna Vamp (Lady Ash), and a fantastically frightening cameo by Jason Ritter (“Parenthood”), this video is what scary, sexy dreams are made of.

Made in conjunction with Scream Factory, Lady Killers took the inspiration behind Kotobukiya’s bishoujo versions of Freddy Krueger and Jason and transformed it into a bone-chilling new short film that will have you wondering why no one thought to do this sooner (and whether or not you can really trust anyone in a “sexy” Halloween costume ever again).

Lady Killers asks the long-pondered question of, “What happens when you fall asleep while working at a comic book store?” If you answered, “You get trapped in a haunted mansion with two of the deadliest horror movie villains of all time,” then that’s weirdly prescient of you, but you’re also one hundred percent correct.


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