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If we talk about The Guest movie so every one has one question that Dan Stevens is a hero or a villain, the movie story was superb and still getting many compliments by it's fellows and all we know that Dan Stevens is a very dashing and handsome hero and he's many fan following and this time the movie remained top on box office. He is playing is a psycho role due to failing in his field as a scientist.

But if we talk about the style and personality of Dan Stevens With reference of The Guest movie, his one navy blue color jacket got most popular even still very fame around all of us, recently on Halloween i also got up like him so i needed the same costume so i must say the jacket is very soft suede leather made i bought it from online store it's such amazing quality. My girlfriend adopted Maika Monroe look inspired from this movie she found her costume very hardly over the internet but she collected all things from The conclusion is every one finds very well from the movie as got. If you haven't watch it so go ahead.


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