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James Wood

Sci-fi doesn't get any better than this. One of my favourite movies of all time, Prometheus is an astounding and very dark movie that features an exceptional cast, stunning visuals, teeth gritting tension, beautiful set design, an intensely dark atmosphere and excellent performances all round, all these great aspects come together to create a near perfect and totally immersive movie, dive into the world Prometheus!

In the Isle of Skye 2089, archaeologists Holloway and Shaw uncover a star map which interprets an invitation from Engineers, essentially our creators. Peter Weyland, head of Weyland Corp, funds a scientific expedition to distant planet LV-223 to uncover the origins of mankind, but once there the crew of Prometheus uncover more than they bargained for as a life form so powerful threatens the future of our race.

Space has never been more threatening and frightening, every tunnel and corner of the distant planet has something lurking down there whether it be bodies, slimey aliens or ancient messages, everything has a powerful effect on you. This is similar to Alien, that being the tension and spectacular sci-fi universe but at the same time it's not, this is a whole new adventure from Ridley Scott who proves he still has the talent to create a gripping sci-fi movie with mixed in elements of deep space horror.

Charlize Theron is top notch in her sinister role, Noomi Rapace is compelling and motivated to find her answers, Idris Elba delivers a touch of humour and I'm really impressed with Michael Fassbender as David the android, everybody in this fascinating movie delivers. Prometheus is a thoroughly enjoyable movie that immerses you into the darkest corners of the Universe.


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