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Hello all Jay here. New to this site but not to writing. I've Written just about everything under the sun and moon and figured why not join these great people here at MOVIEPILOT. Now I won't keep you long on this first excursion into the foray, but I figured why not drop in and say hi and tell you a little bit about myself before I prepare an article. First off I am a writer, semi-pro but a writer non the less. I've written a few indie comics that about 20 people picked up at comic con (and if any of you all are reading this thanks for not throwing stuff at my booth). I've done some movie reviews here and there for various magazines and websites, and even wrote a novel that never saw the light of day lol.

I own and operate a online comics and collectibles shop and I happen to be in the process of writing my new Indie Graphic Novel at the moment hopefully self published (yet again) next year, release date unknown, as I've yet to find a collaborating artist. I like long walks on the beach, dinner by candle light..... wait wrong site... I digress. I have a sense of humor and enjoy using it, but i have a serious side when it comes to my serious work and articles. For all of the spelling and grammar hecklers out there, I will make mistakes I am only human and spell check isn't as proficient as it should be. Well guess you've heard about as uch about me as you want so I'll sign off now and be back soon with an actual article.

Have a great time MOVIEPILOT followers & Fans, and I'll be seeing you soon.



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