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Odessan Reid Miller had always wanted to be in movies, but thought it would be impossible; now he’s got two short films and a series coming out.

On Thursday, Miller said he was traveling with his mother to the premier for the new series, “The Fourth Door,” at the famous TCL Chinese Theatre Friday in Los Angeles.

Miller, 15, is one of the leads in “The Fourth Door,” a science-fiction series on Verizon's new mobile channel Go90. It was produced by Ron Howard’s company New Form Digital. Monique Coleman of “High School Musical” and YouTube sensation Joey Graceffa are his co-leads, Reid’s mother, Megan said.

According to the IMDb website, “The Fourth Door” is about a woman’s journey with a young boy named Colin that she protects as they navigate the “strange and dangerous world of Limbo.”

The young woman, Lain, portrayed by Coleman, is trying to save her boyfriend, Megan Miller said. Colin and Lain enter Limbo through “The Fourth Door,” she said.

The villain, played by Joey Graceffa, is the king of Limbo and is trying to eliminate Colin and Lain from his world, Megan Miller said. She added that it would probably be repackaged and redistributed as a movie.

Reid Miller said he never knew he wanted to be an actor until he took part in an ARTS showcase. ARTS stands for Applause Rising Talent Showcase and it had one in Midland almost three years ago. Although Reid said he’d always wanted to be in movies, the achievement seemed pretty daunting. But now Reid also has a short film at Sundance as a lead, and SXSW as a lead, his mother said.

Megan heard about the showcase from a radio advertisement and decided to take Reid and see what happened. Reid said he performed a monologue and was called back and received interest from agents.

Megan’s husband Shawn Miller is the pulpit minister at Sixth and Jackson Church of Christ in Odessa. They also have an 18-year-old daughter, Bailey, who is a student at Odessa College. Megan said she home schools Reid.

The last two years, Megan said, her son has gone on three or four auditions a week. “And that’s just for acting. He also does voice-overs,” she said.

She added that it’s exciting to watch her son at work, but it is time consuming. She has a lot of friends in Los Angeles who are in the same situation she is. They call themselves “momagers,” a combination of mom and manager.

“The past couple of years, I’ve learned a whole other vocation,” she said.

Reid said he was shocked at first that he earned the part in “The Fourth Door,” acting is something he now wants to pursue as a career.

He said he was very nervous when he went for the audition, but it was “definitely my kind of show; it’s action, it’s dark. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I have to get this.’ When I actually got this it was a shock,” Reid said.

“Everything is happening. I have a short film at Sundance, (a) short film at South by Southwest and I’ll be shooting feature at end of next year. Things are really happening and this is what I want to do for rest of my life,” he added.

Along with his mom, Reid will be attending the premier of “The Fourth Door” with his best friend and fellow actor Jonah Hwong.


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