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Starting from the beginning
Clare Dunsford

The Fire Maker, series one, episode four.

First we start with a nice snap shot of Ian's dramatic face, when he sees the cavemen who have teleported there somehow. I'm sorry but I'm not going to believe they were able to get there before them in a couple of seconds. Just no.

Instead of turning back or running for the Tardis which they should have done, knowing what happens later, looking at you Za...

They put Za in front of the other cave men where they are basically captured again and the caveman women pleads for her tribe to believe her as Kal spouts out his lies about them helping the Doctor and his companions and her and Za being traitors. Lucky that the Doctor was there to save them, that is not what they deserve by the way.

Kal even says that "Za is weak because he lets a women speak for him" Well count me personally offended Kal, you are never getting back in my good books and I am ashamed to say I ever felt sympathy for you.

The Doctor tricks Kal to show his stone that he killed the old women with, well that is a pretty brutal nasty death. Though I seriously didn't care much about her character, I'm not liking how he is using her death, respectful much? I think you need to learn to respect the dead Kal, more than you know.

Anyway the Doctor tricks Kal into bringing his stone out, showing everyone the blood on it, the blood that Za's stone does not carry, though it would have done if he'd killed her, which he didn't.

Quite a lot of the times the Doctor is helped out by his companions or survives something from pure luck but other times like this I find his idea's great as he then gets the cavemen to throw Kal out of the tribe, by pelting him with rocks, have to say, didn't think that would work. Ian follows the Doctor's example, is it me or do they both seem to be getting along? As as soon as Ian follows him, so does the whole tribe.

After some over dramatic acting by Kal he finally flees and Za is suddenly totally fine again and standing again? No I'm okay Za it was just a moment ago you were injured, and were so weak you couldn't stand, unless you were milking it or the writers just didn't think how he could have made such a miracle recovery, one of those.

Despite helping him, Za still wants them locked up, oh great, I'm starting to believe both of these cavemen are not meant to lead, both seem just as bad as each other, mind you, Za hasn't killed anyone yet so maybe there is hope for him (I spoke to soon)

They lock them in the cave of skulls.

Then Za is kind enough to mention to his tribe "If you see them come out, kill them" And my hope for you Za has shriveled up and died.

A couple of shots of the Doctor and his companions stuck in the cave, then is that a creepy Kal I see, watching them through where the women came from? I still don't understand how Za and the cavemen women doesn't know about that entrance.

Za and the caveman women talk about the Doctor and his companions and how they didn't understand why the Doctor and his companions saved them and didn't kill, looks like the Doctor could be right in calling them savages. Za mistakes Ian's name as freind and he wants to go and talk to them, my hope for him rises slightly as he goes to "Find more things to remember"

Meanwhile the Doctor and his companions have started to make fire, well his companions are, I'm not to sure what the Doctor is doing, standing sulking somewhere maybe. Though it shows a shot of Za moving into the cave of Skulls, with Kal, shadowing him a little, very creepily from behind. His good at this stalker stuff isn't he?

Za meets the Doctor and his companions. Where he finds out they are making fire for him. Za believes Ian is called friend. Ian wisely doesn't correct him on that but when Za asks if he is the leader, Ian actually says that the Doctor is the leader, wow, have these two men finally learn't how to respect and be civil to each other? Ian more than the Doctor though because he has a reason to be smug and is often right about the situation, the Doctor is rather good at looking smug and he does this again when Ian calls him the leader.

The Doctor and his companions try and convince Za that if he makes fire, doesn't make him leader, which he clearly understood, yeah he unfortunately didn't. Outstanding leadership skills there Za and he also tells the Doctor and his companions he'll basically let them go if they give him fire. Za has obviously been taking lying lessons from Kal because that third or is it forth lie I've heard these so called leaders tell.

Za looks hypnotised by the fire, the Doctor and his companions create, er mate, you have seen fire before right? There is this thing it does, its called burning, so sticking your face right up to it like that isn't something you should be doing!

Meanwhile the cavemen are getting restless when Za does not bring out the Doctor and his companions out at the right time. I know, Za's time keeping skills are terrible aren't they? Pity watches weren't invented by that time.

The caveman women's father is quick to leap at Za's misfortunate time keeping. And try and get the other cavemen to agree Za shouldn't be leader, though this is most probably because he doesn't want his daughter with Za, I can't see what she see's in Za either and don't blame him for not wanting her and Za together as he tries to make out Za is letting them go and is a traitor like the old women.

The caveman women defends Za and also proves their father daughter bond does not run deep when she basically tells him he should die for saying Za is a traitor, I think her exact words were "You should lie on on the old stone until your blood runs into the earth" Lovely, nothing like Father, Daughter bonding right...?

Next lets find out what Kal is up to, apart from strangling the caveman guard and walking into the Cave of Skulls, nothing much then?

Oh my god it must be a record, there is danger and Susan didn't scream, yes, thank you Susan as Kal appears and Za and Kal start to circle each other with over the top dramatic music, then the music changes and becomes much more interesting than I thought it would.

As Kal and Za start their big show down fight, the music changes to this jungle sticks, rough and tumble which I don't think I have ever heard in a fight scene before, surprisingly the music works, unsurprisingly the fighting scene not so much, maybe it worked back in the older days but watching their fight with the occasional close up of the Doctor and his companions "Horror struck faces?" Sorry, didn't work for me. So far they have been okay, well okay compared to other terrible actors in this series I have seen, but with those close ups, I'm sorry but it was so easy to tell they were acting and probably wearn't even watching the fight, just being told to stare in a direction by the director, thats what it seemed like anyway.

Za wins and finally makes the killing, crushing blow, which is actually quite dark. As you can hear when skull meets the rock. Ian gives him the fire which he probably shouldn’t have done and tries to persuade him to let them follow him out side, which he doesn’t allow them to and rightly deducts that Za won’t be letting them go. This time its the Doctor being the naive hopeful one, its interesting how they switched that role up.

Za goes outside met with cheers from his adoring fans, well not quite but thats what it reminds me of. The cavemen are fascinated with the fire and they cheer him on, he is there leader now. The fire looks intriguing and even a beacon of light in the black and white colours.

The Doctor and his companions are huddled around the fire while Ian grumbles at how they won’t be let out of the cave. He demands why to the caveman women why they haven’t been let out yet. The basic whole conversation is the caveman women not understanding them and feeling superior to them with the “We have fire now” And basically telling the viewers the cavemen are lying bullshitters and the Doctor was right in calling them savages and possible right in trying to Kill Za. That was still extremely dark for the Doctors I know, I’m hoping their be more scenes like this so I can scrutinise his darker side more. None of the new Doctors would have ever done that so it’ll be so interesting to explore this side to him, the side that doesn’t care a lot about humanity.

Ian sulks at giving the cavemen fire though Barbara points out that they would have been killed if they hadn’t which is a very good point. The situation these four parters are on is defiantly curious and the difference between what would of happened. If this was modern apart from a few obvious differences I can say this would defiantly not be just focused on caveman and fire, aliens would defiantly be in there somewhere and a lot more fast paced. And I just can’t imagine the new Doctors looking so venerable and helpless in this sort of situations. Despite the first Doctor may have a much darker side to the other. He has seems to have more venerability and defiantly a lot more self awareness and self preservation. Which I swear the other new Doctors don’t understand what that word means.

The next scene is very engaging. The Doctor and his companions basically give Za the silent treatment when he gives them there food and water and seems expect them to be impressed. He is treating them like they are part of the tribe and I assume food is hard to get, for them to turn their noses up at is pretty insulting but I think he probably deserves to be insulted. Za assumes they are from another tribe and wants their tribe to join up and its pretty clear they will not be getting away without doing something about it.

And guess what a Miracle happens. Susan has a good idea! She actually has a good idea other than screaming and being hysterical to get away. Susan plan is to scare the cavemen with skulls in fire. Although I am not sure how the skull and the flames look like they have somehow died and is really scary, it defiantly worked on the cavemen.

The Doctor and his companions made a break for it as the cavemen where to busy being wimps, about a skull and fire coming out of it and making scared but-you-can-so-tell-its-just-acting noises. One of the sticks with the skull on top and fire inside, falls over, finally alerting the cavemen they have been tricked, well it alerts Za, while everybody else just listens to him, with Za’s “They have escaped!” Yes we can tell that, thanks.

With same over dramatic acting Za realises they can search for them in the night, using the fire, all the cavemen take some fire, lighting up sticks to see as they prepare to run after them, funnily this time there is no mention of the beast that lurks in the forest, that almost, well badly injured Za, you’d think they’d learn right?

Barbara falls to the ground while running, Ian her shining knight in armour it seems, helps her us. The Doctor and Susan running by, not seeing her fall or maybe they didn’t care, the Doctor probably didn’t care. Next what precedes to show me how different the green screen and affects are different and so much better, now and then, as the Doctor and his companions run to the Tardis…while not really moving and jogging on one spot, for like five minutes. Okay, okay that was meant to be running…right. They sure needed that, so dramatic, though I guess they needed something to waste your time and let us know the Tardis was further away so the episode still drags on.

They run to the Tardis, the cavemen not far behind them. Somehow being able to find it, without getting lost this time. The doctor runs in last, far less springy than his future selves. The Doctor starts the Tardis quickly and then we are out and onto a different planet in almost a blink of an eye. Well that episode with the Cavemen seemed to end rather quickly? I thought there might be some big conclusion but I guess not?

The Doctor basically explains he can’t really fly his Tardis well so he can’t get them back to their own time just yet. So basically what Barbara said was correct Doctor, don’t try and hide behind your scientific humble, jumble, you need eight people to truly fly that thing and I’m not sure how long you’d have the Tardis because we learnt in the new Doctors, that this Tardis isn’t actually yours. Tut, tut, Doctor. You shouldn’t steal other peoples things.

They look outside to see, odd looking trees with vines on them I think? And a lot of smoke, maybe dead trees? Anyway it’ll be very interesting to see them go outside. Before the episode ends Susan checks the radiation, all seems normal…

Then the arrow, moves…

Pointing towards danger and starts to flash. I’m not sure if this actually means the radiation is very bad and they are walking towards danger or its just there to foreshadow the danger they will be walking in to, but either way I the episode was good but wasn’t to keen on the rather quick ending, but it still leaves me wanting more and I can’t wait to start the next episode. The dead planet, where it looks like this will be Doctor Who’s first time in a different world, literally. I look forward to it.

Doctor Who: Doesn’t really do much in this episode apart from the clever idea at the beginning where he tricked Kal and saved Za and the cavemen women but still enjoying his mystery, dark but vunirible character.

Susan: A little bit boring and predictable but she stepped up with that idea with the fire in the skulls to scare the cavemen, good on you girl.

Barbara Write: Damsal in Distress it seems, did nothing for this episode other than to hint at a maybe love interest for Ian and him being all protective over her.

Ian Chesterton: His character stepped up in this episode, he seemed made of tougher stuff, with standing up to Za, plenty of times and protecting Barbara, I have to say I wouldn’t mind Ian and Barbara as a couple.

Favorite Character- Ian Chesterton

Favorite Scene- The Doctor tricking Kal into showing the tribe his bloody stone.

I will be reviewing the Dead Planet Soon, Sorry this took me a while to wright. Until Next Time. Goodbye xxxxx


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