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Did I get your attention? If you clicked on this article thinking “ Is this guy crazy?” then you are going to enjoy at least half of this article. If you clicked saying to yourself “finally someone who I agree with”, thank lord I am not the only one. Now that they have officially announced the cast of the yet to be filmed Power Rangers movie, I figured this is the best time to warn everyone out there. This may come and bite me in the ass, but I truly believe bringing the power rangers back is a horrible idea, and here are a few reasons why.

The Power Rangers were cheesy

Yeah I said it. This is the show that a body-less ghost in a tube asked C3PO’s little cousin to teleport him five overbearing and over-emotional humans right? Not just any human though, they had to be teenagers, each one that maybe by accident fit every stereotype known. They had a pink cheerleader ranger, yellow Asian ranger and we will just leave out who the black ranger was. This is a show that required each ranger to complete a sentence in order to finish a conversation with an enemy before whooping his butt. Lastly, how can we forget anything Skull and Bulk ever did or say.

That being said, rumors have it they are aiming for a slightly older audience with this film. More than likely aiming for the audience that were kids while watching the original PR (Power Rangers). But what comes with aiming for an older audience is a more mature story or plot, and that doesn’t sit right with me. If you guys ever got to watch the Independent made short film about the PR before they took it offline, you have an understanding where I am coming from. Though the action was very cool, I don’t want to watch a movie where one of the PR has a drug problem. The original was made for kids, and it should stay that way.

This is the superhero/comic book era

I feel Lionsgate studios and Saban are trying to take advantage that we are living in an era of movies where super powered humans are in and anything based off a comic book is a win. But the PR don’t really fit into that category. Maybe if the power rangers were based off a comic book series they could pull it off, but this movie is about teenagers who do karate, nothing super hero about it. Put this one under martial arts film, which is not as popular a genre.

These guys made punching bags look dangerous.
These guys made punching bags look dangerous.

We didn't grow up with them

The headline may be a bit deceiving. Yes we were actually growing older while watching the series. I loved the power rangers as much as any other kid out there, and since my parents weren't too keen on the blood and guts of Mortal Kombat, this was the show that gave me my kicks(literally). But here is the problem; I eventually stopped caring about the power rangers. I grew up and moved on to other shows. When was the last time you walked into a conversation about how awesome the PR were. You didn't. Why? Well, let's just say they are more of a conversation ender than starter. It was cool for kids, that's it.

They cast who?

This guy has the most useful line in cinema history
This guy has the most useful line in cinema history

If there was any doubt until now this movie is a bad idea, I bring to this courtroom to show to the jury of movie lovers, evidence number one. Not one well-known actor is going to suit up against the forces of evil. Granted I didn’t expect an all-star casted to portray the rangers, but are you telling me you couldn’t at least get Liam Neeson to play Zordon?? That guy played zeus! I could imagine it now, Neeson’s voice telling me it’s morphin time. But unfortunately we will have to hope these five rookies will bring their A-game to the big screen, and be convincing in their head motions while trying to talk in the ranger helmets.

What rating will you give it?

  • PG- you are going to lose much of the adult fan base who don’t have children, unwilling to go see something that they enjoyed only as kids themselves.
  • PG13- make the action top notch, throw in some innuendos and keep the cheesy dialogue. Hey if Pirates can do it, so can you.
  • R- danger zone, don’t even try it. You still have a large audience that is young thanks to the newer and many variations of PR. Plus you lose the charm of the PR with an R- rating

The Cameos…UGH

I am calling it now, Jason David Frank, also known as Tommy, will be making a cameo appearance. We get it, you’re the white ranger. If you are going to do a PR movie, leave the old characters out of it. This will just lead to unnecessary “mentor” like characters that will add awkward and cheese overload scenes. Make the film your own. So please Tommy (may I call you Tommy?) stick to your UFC fighting and hang up the white tiger suit.

The conclusion

I would be much happier If the studios just stop while they are ahead and look into making another sequel to the Hunger Games or Paranormal Activity 15. Some shows and movies should not be remade, rebooted or anything! Examples of those that should not be touched are Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Back to the Future, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and well…the Power Rangers. So if you want to spare yourself the headache of wondering how they ruined your love for the Power Rangers, don't be too excited for it. More than likely it will be bad, but this was my warning to you all.

Most likely your reaction when credits roll.
Most likely your reaction when credits roll.

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