ByBrad Princebodkin, writer at

do you ever have spare money and have no idea what to buy but the games pop in to your head but you don't know what to buy internet comes in and dead ends until me i will be you guide and savior in your search. do you like open world and exploring but also like shooting borderlands one and two perfect for you search for treasure in the vault and the second same thing except take down hansom jack.and then Fallout three shooting daddy issues and VATS what more could you want from a game? Fallout new Vegas it is like fallout 3 not as fun but should buy it if you had got fallout 3. shooting? CALL OF DUTY and F.E.A.R enough said. horror F.E.A.R series silent hill isn't for 360 or i would say that left for dead series. not scary but fun really really fun all the same. swords fable series and oblivion series


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