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Andrew Brindley

For the past 6 weeks, I've been writing 4 articles each week. I wrote mostly out of passion, with a few being written out of necessity. Now I can honestly tell you, I'm tired and burnt out of ideas and of passion.

Writing has always been a fallback for me; if something wasn't working, at least I'd always be able to write. I don't feel that anymore. I've been keeping my focus within the media for far too long, and I'm afraid I'm starting to lose my own humanity. Confining myself in a realm of fiction has taken its toll, so I will be taking a long and needed break from writing, after I conclude this week.

I'll be getting to the outdoors again, I suggest you do something similar. Our brains and bodies weren't meant for this; screens and buttons and the disconnect that comes with all of that. I think Einstein said it best:

So that's where I'm at and for anyone who might wonder where I've gone, I'm resting and regrouping...I'm rediscovering my humanity, before it is lost forever.

Have Balance In Your Lives, My Fellow Writers.


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