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Andrew Brindley

So many articles have been written and so many readers I have reached, that I thought it best to become a little more personal with all of you, especially my fellow writers and mentors.

For the past 6 weeks I have been a part of the MPU: a writing course enabling you to progress and become the best writer you can be. I have written 24 articles over these 6 weeks, with 4 each week becoming the commodity. Now that I've finished, I thought I'd give my thoughts and opinions on the course and the journey that I've taken myself.

Awesome & Relaxed

To say the mentors are awesome would be an understatement. Julian, I thank you sincerely. You have been a backbone for these 6 weeks and it's forever appreciated. If I had to describe the mentors in one word, it would be Chill. They are always there for you and treat every problem you have as their own. They want to fix it ASAP!

Setup/ Lessons

Very well done and precise. I was very worried I would be stressed and confused, but I was very wrong indeed. Everything was explained in great detail and made easy to follow.


I have seen a great difference in my writing for sure! I look back at my older posts and laugh at all the mistakes! I have definitely refined my grammar and wording quite a bit. Though errors are just a part of being human, If you take this course, you will see a massive change in the way you write, the way you think of headlines and the tone you set for each piece.

Final Thoughts

The MPU Is A 10/10...6 weeks...6 weeks that just flew by. I can't believe it's already over and I'm going to be a graduate of the MPU. I have bonded with my fellow writers, sharing ideas and helping with titles. We have all become something of a family built upon text and creativity. Thank you, all of you, for your support.




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