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Next week (Nov. 23-29), we'll celebrate National Family Week, and Nintendo is getting into the spirit of "the family that plays together, stays together" with a week full of Nintendo game-themed activities for everyone.

Here are Nintendo's suggestions for how to have a fun-filled week with your family with a different Nintendo game each day:

Nov. 23: "Dress in crazy sweaters and play the warm-and-fuzzy Yoshi's Woolly World."

It's colorful, it's fun, and you can drink a mug of homemade hot chocolate while you play.

Nov. 24: "Test each family member's creativity in a Super Mario Maker best level-creation challenge."

Have fun voting together: The hardest or most creative level wins!

Nov. 25: "Pit family members against each other in a messy Splatoon competition for the ages!"

Just in case Yoshi's Woolly World wasn't colorful enough for you, you can go nuts making a beautiful mess with Splatoon.

Nov. 26: "Make your Thanksgiving day special by hosting Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash matches with your family and friends!"

Aunts, uncles, cousins, and the whole family can join in on singles or doubles matches - maybe even hold a bracket-style family tournament where winner takes all!

Nov. 27: "Come together as a family and call dibs on your favorite Animal Crossing character in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival."

Mini games and challenges galore!

Nov. 28: "Who is Bowser? Employ the ancient art of rock, paper, scissors or eeny, meeny, miny, moe to determine who will play as Bowser in Mario Party 10."

Party on, Bowser! In Mario Party 10, you can actually play as the ultimate Nintendo villain himself in the Bowser Party mini-games. AND, you can challenge your friends by facing up to four other people.

Nov. 29: "Create a fun Mario-themed family party with Mario Kart 8 as the center of the high-octane action."

You can turn this into a full-scale Mario Kart tournament by heading to the Play Nintendo website. Print tournament brackets, design awards, and otherwise make an event of it! And if that's not enough, you can even get holiday-themed recipes to keep everyone fueled during their epic Mario Kart throw-down.

For more fun family activities to last you through the holidays, head to Nintendo's Holiday Website for more ideas!


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