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Blindspot offered a couple more goodies this episode.

Jane's tattoo's were put to more good use, though laughably at best. The believability of Tree Man (calling him that since he has no name and he is known for the tree tattoo on his inner forearm) being able to foresee all this is stretched thin at best. Which makes me question with the rest of the team, how could any of these circumstances be calculated and seen? How could people foresee any of this when most of it seem like coincidence? However, because of that, Jane's use in this episode because of the tattoos elevated. It past the whole, "Do you know me?" routine that the season has held. Even though there was a little of that anyways.

Jane's tattoo sends the team to a remote town.
Jane's tattoo sends the team to a remote town.

We finally meet Sal Guerrero, his name has been thrown around several times over the course of the season. But he was a total John Doe until we find out that his file number was placed on Jane's body. Patterson brings this find to Mayfair who says that she will look into it. But unlike Patterson, we know that to be complete lie. Patterson brings it up to Weller, who decides to take measures into his own hands. We find out that Guerrero is a known felon and that he is Mayfair's C.I. He had disappeared and the F.B.I. couldn't find him. Bring Jane's tattoos into the fold and almost immediately by happen stance they find him in the remote town.

With this knowledge the final reveal of Lou Diamond Phillips, Sal Guerrero, was underwhelming at best. With his all knowing smirks and generic one liner quips, his character fell short. I'm sure that Sal Guerrero will make another appearance because of the Program Daylight that Mayfair and others were involved in.

Weller and team are attacked by paid men to get Guerrero back.
Weller and team are attacked by paid men to get Guerrero back.

Another shootout is how the show is ended, which made me sigh because of the predictability of it all. Hopefully in the future, the show won't end in an all out free for all. However, I do love that Weller pointed out that Jane can fly a helicopter in the midst of bullets, but hates to fly.

Meanwhile, Patterson and her boyfriend, David are having their own problems. After successfully solving another puzzle together, they are caught red-handed by Mayfair. Which snowballed into their breaking up because of the incident (that and David wanted to move in with Patterson). This puzzle was a little more believable than the others and the chemistry between Patterson and David is undeniable. The "B" story was much more engaging than the main plot.


Jane's tattoos once again saved the day, but Tree Man's predictability of these events transpiring stretched the limits of believability. The emotional arc of Patterson and David wrenched my heart. The chemistry between the two of them is palpable and undeniable. It also looks like that we will finally know about Daylight, and what part it plays in the next episode. Assuming that we will get to hear any of it when it's told to Weller. Hopefully the character Guerrero gets to offer more than the flat performance in this episode. I'm sure he'll be seen again in future episodes.

The episode was enjoyable, and Blindspot is getting a second season (YAY!). More secrets will be divulged in the future.

Still from Persecute Envoys (aired Nov. 9th)
Still from Persecute Envoys (aired Nov. 9th)

In Persecute Envoys, after a police officer is murdered, Patterson unlocks a disturbing tattoo that appears to have predicted his killing, and the team chases a violent clue trail to stop further attacks. Mayfair reveals secrets from her past to Weller, seriously testing their relationship (synopsis from IMDb).


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