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I started Master of None thinking I'd spread the ten episodes out over time, but before I knew it, I was done. Comedian is the writer and star of the exclusive series that was released on the streaming service on November 6th.

The semi-biographical show was instantly released to rave reviews by critics praising it for its originality and laughs. However, if you're still on the fence about checking it out, here are five reasons why you should.

1. Netflix

Ansari could have gone to any typical television network with his show idea, but instead he chose to go to the same streaming service that produced his last stand-up special. This was a great decision by the funny man as Netflix allowed him to have more creative control with zero censorship, so he was able to drop all of the curse words and sexual innuendos he wanted, and he's already gotten off to a good start.

Of the first five words in the series, four of them are "fuck." It's nice to see a comedic show without any limits or reservations. is as raunchy as it can get.

2. The Amazing Cast

everybody's funny
everybody's funny

Every single cast member of the show offers up a few laughs, and bunch of comedians known and unknown make appearances in the show. You have comedic veterans like Todd Berry and H. Jon Benjamin joining young funny people like Eric Wareheim (Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie) and Lena Waithe (Bones).

While bringing a few familiar faces to the project, Ansari also is doing his comedic duty by bringing in some up and coming comedians and giving them exposure. All of them are hilarious in their own right, each one brings a different type of comedy that will get you chuckling.

3. Aziz's Life

The series is loosely based on Aziz's life with a little fiction added in for entertainment. It's interesting to see some of things he has gone through as a Tamil Indian actor. In the show you see how he was typecast earlier on in his career, and how he was even pressured to use an Indian accent for a few of his roles. He also has a little friendly competition with other Indian actors he encounters.

Another funny tidbit is that Aziz's actual parents play his parents on the series and his dad steals the show, to be honest. It ends up being one of the more stand out moments of the show when they're introduced.

4. Romance

Master of None is just as much a romantic show as it is a comedy. The plot closely follows Aziz's character, Dev, trying to find love. He actually finds it rather quickly in an old one-night stand named Rachel played by Noel Wells.

The plot follows their relationship transitioning from one night stand to living together and everything in between. It's playful and real and the two have great chemistry on screen. The couple go through a bunch of shenanigans and events that would fit perfectly into your standard romantic comedy film. Just add in Ansari's quirkiness and hilarity.

5. Ratings!

Yes, ratings
Yes, ratings

Master of None currently sits at an astounding 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, that's right 100%. It's also receiving rave reviews from the New York Times, and also boasts a 93% audience rating. It's no huge surprise, Aziz Ansari already has a hit television show (Parks and Recreation), a best selling book (Modern Romance: An Investigation), and several successful stand up specials under his belt. Now he can scratch 'write and star in a critically acclaimed television series' off of his to do list as well.

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