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2015 was a good year for the box office. With majorly hyped releases such as Jurassic World, [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) and Inside Out topping the revenue charts so far and with Star Wars: The Force Awakens set to end the year with a immense bang, we are expecting to see some of the best box office numbers in recent years. That being said, there are many extremely anticipated films set to release in 2016.

Movies set to drop next year span many genres and will attract a diverse array of moviegoers to the theaters throughout the year. I'd like to highlight a few of the huge releases that have fans passionately discussing their thoughts about casting choices, plot lines and predictions. In no way a complete list, I've decided to order them by release date as rating these movies and would discredit the strengths and value of each one. They haven't been released yet, so why put one ahead of the other, right? Many moviegoers are beyond excited for them all!

London Has Fallen (March 4)

The sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, fans have been waiting for three years to see this film. With a plot similar to the original, London is the new setting for this action thriller. Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhardt return for the continuance of this captivating story with Morgan Freeman reprising his role as well.

After the British Prime Minister's suspicious and unexpected passing, leaders from around the world arrive in London to pay their respects. Of course, that many powerful figures in one place can be the perfect circumstances for a assassination plot. That risk becomes a reality, requiring secret service agent Mike Banning (Butler) and US President Benjamin Asher (Eckhardt) to once again throw themselves into the fire to save lives and thwart the plans of the perpetrators.

I'm excited for this movie, as well as many other moviegoers. Anxious to see what this sequel brings to the franchise, I can't wait to see how these characters will arc and grow in relation to yet another crisis, and I hope to see intelligent evolution of the entire story.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant (March 18)

Fangirls everywhere will flock to theaters mid-March to continue their journey into the world of post-apocalyptic Chicago. The last chapter of the series, like many of its similar franchises, will be split into two parts. The final installment will hit theaters in 2017. What fans are excited to see this time around is the world beyond the wall. The faction system has finally been dissolved. After defeating the main antagonist, Jeanine Matthews, Tris and the gang are geared up and ready to climb the wall that has caged them for so many years. What lies beyond is a mystery and the trailer leaves much to the imagination, as it should.

While I may be approaching 30, I'm still really into YA books and films. They are becoming more complex and intelligent as the years go on. I've been at the midnight releases of Divergent and Insurgent and I intend to be in the same place when Allegiant is set to premiere.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (March 25)

When Comic Con 2015 premiered the very first trailer for Batman v Superman, they almost broke the internet. DC fans across the world flooded social media with theories, commentary on casting and plot and displays of extreme desire to see the newest addition to the DCCU. Popular discussion regarding the film includes the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman and the question of whether or not he will redeem himself in a superhero role after his poorly reviewed performance in Daredevil. Jesse Eisenberg taking on the persona of Lex Luthor is also a major arguing point. Regardless of the opinions of moviegoers, Batman v Superman is expected to dominate the box office during its run.

Although I don't know much about the source material, I'm always excited to see DC films. I've been a fan of the characters since childhood and despite my lack of comic knowledge, I'm in the know enough to be excited about this iconic evolution of the DCCU.

Alice Through The Looking Glass (May 27)

Fans of Alice will have waited six years for the newest installment of Disney's Alice franchise. With an original plot sure to amaze, the return of the original cast and the emergence of new characters to explore, this film will undoubtedly pack a punch at the box office.

Returning to Wonderland after much time away, Alice comes back to a very different, crumbling world. With the Mad Hatter becoming too insane to function, Alice must travel back in time to save her beloved friend. To do so, she must enlist the help of Time (Sacha Baron Cohen), who may not be as trustworthy as he leads on. Amidst all the existing chaos, the Red Queen has a new nefarious agenda that requires attention as well. Moviegoers are ready to see what's for Wonderland and I'm right there with them, anxious with anticipation and excitement.

Now You See Me 2: The Second Act

Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment have done a wonderful job of keeping fans guessing about what's next for the Four Horsemen in the sequel to the 2013 original. All we truly know is that the four original Horsemen are back along with Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine in reprise of their roles. A welcome addition to the mix is Daniel Radcliffe, mysteriously revealed as Walter, rumored to be the son of Arthur Tressler (Caine), the multibillionare that the Horsemen robbed of his fortune and redistributed to the victims of his insurance scam in true Robin Hood fashion.

The plot is shrouded in mystery as well. The only thing we're certain of is that the film takes place one year after the first installment and the Horsemen are enlisted by a new enemy to pull off yet another elaborate heist. I'm ecstatic about this sequel. I absolutely loved the original for its quick-paced, extremely fun plot and the chemistry of the cast. I'm excited to hear that they are all back and I'm curious to see what Radcliffe brings to the story.

Finding Dory (June 17)

Pixar made us wait long enough for this one. It's been over ten years since Finding Nemo captivated Pixar fans with its original and heartwarming tale of a lost young fish and his father's journey to find them. However, Dory's supporting characteristics and backstory were immediately pondered over by moviegoers. Now they don't have to wonder. Ellen DeGeneres is back as the always lovable Dory in this new adventure, set to give fans a deeper look into the forgetful fish's origins. This time around, Dory is the one who's lost. Marlin and Nemo must team up to find their friend and we can assume that humor and feels will follow.

Pixar always takes their time when making their films, and with good reason. Leaving no stone unturned and nothing to chance, these filmmakers are dedicated to delivering amazing stories that kids and parents alike can enjoy. Having been impacted by the original in my past, I can't wait to take my son along this time and have an experience at the movies neither one of us will forget.

Suicide Squad (August 5)

In addition to the Batman v Superman trailer, the DC panel at Comic Con also unveiled the first trailer for Suicide Squad. This one, as expected, set off a chain reaction of hype and speculation that continues and will continue to grow until the film's release. The story of forming a team of wrongdoers to use to government's advantage is already interesting on its own. Throw DC villains in the mix and you've got a box office hit. With what seems to be a well blended cast, Suicide Squad should be a roller coaster ride of chills, thrills and fun.

The most discussed point of interest regarding Suicide Squad is the reemergence of The Joker. Jared Leto has massive shoes to fill in following Heath Ledger's iconic performance as Gotham's most infamous antagonist. Rest his soul, Ledger earned a posthumous Oscar for his passionate and meticulous dedication to his role in The Dark Knight. Leto shows us a new form in his Joker. Tattooed and intimidating, Jared seems to be blending skills to pay tribute to the icons that have played The Joker in the past. I'm confident that he will prove to be an actor worthy of the role and bring his own unique touch to the film. I will be taking the weekend off work to see and reflect on this film- then see it again. I'm that excited.

We Want Them Now!

There's something for every moviegoer to be excited about in 2016. Whether you love superheroes, animation, action or fantasy - there will be a reason for you to enjoy a night at the movies! Bring your friends, bring your family or go alone (I do it, too). Cinema will excite, enlighten and mystify you next year!

What 2016 movies are you excited for? Tell me in the comments! Follow me here for more awesome reads and never stop going to the movies!


Which of the movies I highlighted are you most excited to see?


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