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By now, the vast majority of you out there have heard the recent news about the upcoming DC film Suicide Squad. It has been confirmed by director David Ayer that the film will in fact be rated PG-13. Fans have received this information with mixed reactions. Some say the current rating is what's best for the film's success while others say the movie won't reach it's full potential. Both sides present valid reasoning, let's get into the specifics of each side.


Most if not all modern comic book movies have this rating. The only exception I can think of is the upcoming Deadpool movie in 2016. So it makes sense to list this one as well. Or does it? Actually yeah it does, there are quite a few reasons why.

Box Office

It's no secret that R-rated films don't earn huge amounts of money at the box office. The highest grossing one so far is The Passion of the Christ, with lifetime gross of nearly $370 million. Meanwhile the highest grossing PG-13 film is more than half that. So in order for it to earn back a lot of it's money, PG-13 seems smart.


One thing (among many) that Marvel Studios is getting right is their target audience. It ranges from young kids to adults. That's largely due to the ratings of their films, and how they can appeal to many people. If DC wants to get more people invested in their cinematic universe, they need to broaden their target audience, otherwise they'll be outmatched by Marvel.

Is it REALLY necessary?

I feel this movie will definitely have a dark tone, but is it really so dark that it needs to be R-rated? I mean we don't have much to go on, sure the first look might've had that feeling, but that was just a collection of the first things they had shot. It was never meant to be released as a trailer. So until we get an actual trailer, it's hard to say for sure how hard the tone will be

Now we've heard one side of the argument, how about the other?

Rated R

This special rating could cause problems, it can also add a wide variety of freedom to the movie. It can really reach it's full potential, and bring a whole lot to the table.

Less Restriction

Like I said, this lets the movie go to places it wouldn't be able to go before. They can show way more violence, "harsh" vocabulary, and what would be mostly unusual and uncomfortable settings, without having to worry about the viewer not liking it, since they knew what they were getting into.

Quality over Quantity

In this case, it's the quality of the movie, over how much the movie makes. You're intention when making a film should not be how much it rakes in at the box office, but the overall quality of the film and just frankly making it good. It's fair to believe that might be the intention here. A creative movie like Suicide Squad should not have any brakes pulled when it's trudging along, or else the viewers could feel cheated.


In this day in age, it's not often when you see creative risks like this movie. I mean, it will only be the third movie into the DCEU, so it's already a bold move. When Guardians of the Galaxy (which I feel is the equivalent to an extent) came out well into phase two of the MCU. I feel DC needs to separate themselves from Marvel and show they aren't afraid to show the not-so pretty stuff. Things like a truly insane Joker, who just tortures his victims to no end. It's movie called Suicide Squad, people are obviously going to die, so show us the gruesome stuff. I'm not asking for all out gore, but just not the quick clean deaths seen in the MCU. I'm sure they'd be commended for their boldness, and I'm certain would be embraced by fans.

Well I have to say it is a tough choice. While it is up to you to think what the best fit is, the rating has been confirmed, so all we can do is hope for the best. Thanks for reading, and take care.


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