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It has been revealed that Scott Adkins (one of the stars of Expendables 2) will be playing an unknown character in Doctor Strange. Because of this, I would like to suggest some characters he could be playing, and I hope you enjoy!

1. Wong

Come on, tell me you couldn't see this guy protecting Doctor Strange. Adkins is an amazing martial artist as well as an actor, and I could see him using these skills very well as Wong. Marvel has also shown that they're not afraid to cast a character with an actor of a different race, so the fact that Adkins isn't Asian should not have any effect on this.

2. Nightmare

While I would love it if Adkins played Wong, I can't help but think that he looks like a villain. He has a dark look that surrounds his whole being, and he could be one of the best MCU villains we've seen thus far. What character could help him do that? Nightmare, of course. I could imagine Adkins bringing this dark demon to life perfectly in Doctor Strange, and I think that there is a high possibility of this.

3. Silver Dagger

Not much of a physical likeness, I know, but hear me out. I think that Adkins playing a reinvention of Silver Dagger could be amazing. An ex-preacher that thinks all magic is evil and tries to kill Doctor Strange is right up his ally, and I don't think anyone would complain if he did a badass twist on this character.

4. Satannish

Adkins has the body type to bring this demon spawn to life, and while he's not a very popular character, Adkins isn't a very popular actor. He has the dark voice and correct build to pull off the motion capture for this character, if he were to appear in the movie.

5. Dormammu

What? Can't you see the likeness? I imagine Adkins playing a human form of Dormammu, and of course providing the voice and motion capture for the character. The fire and size will all be CGI, but I don't imagine any actor will be able to provide that.


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