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I would warn you about spoilers, but if you've not seen The Flash season 1 and 2 yet, you don't deserve to be warned.


If you think about it, Zoom knows a lot about Barry. He was even able to get someone who looked like Barry's ex to come and try to kill him. I mean, that's pretty freaky right? It also makes no sense unless this character has known Barry for, pretty much his whole life, in order for Barry to open up to him about his girlfriends. No one really talks about their love life to anyone but those who are close to them.

So, Barry is really tight with this person, and open with them. Here's our candidates:

  • Joe West
  • Iris West
  • Cisco Ramone
  • Caitlyn Snow
  • Henry Allen

Everyone was present at the Zoom attack except for Henry. Still not convinced though?

Let's go deeper.

We saw nothing from Henry Allen whilst he was in prison. Except for his occasional meeting with Barry. But apart from that, there's no info. How do we know that Henry Allen from Earth 2 didn't come in at some point through a singularity near the prison and kill Earth 1 Henry? I mean seriously, there's a whopping 52 breaches in the city. It's very likely that one could be near Iron Heights.

What if Earth 2 Henry Allen is zoom, and came to Earth 1 to find out as much about Barry as possible so he can take him down much more epicly. (Not a real word, I know)

Either that, or he doesn't have the guts to kill a speedster who looks like his own son.

This is why Henry had to leave so soon, so he could take the intel that he had and use it to recruit people to come and kill Barry.

Not to mention, they look the exact same:

Pretty freaky, I know.
Pretty freaky, I know.

So, in summary. Henry Allen from Earth 2 was affected by the Particle Accelerator explosion on Earth 2, which seemed to open up portals between Earth 1 and Earth 2. Henry Allen now has super speed, and got power hungry, and wants to be the fastest speedster alive, but he can't, because someone who looks like his son is Earth 1's Flash, so he doesn't have the guts to personally kill him, which is why he keeps sending people to kill him.

And here's where Harrison Wells comes in:

Harrison Wells is trying to kill Barry too.

'Why?' you say?

Because why else would Zoom have Wells' daughter, and why would Wells be so against Cisco Vibing on him?

Zoom is holding Wells' daughter so that Harrison Wells can get close to Barry and learn more about him, so that he can communicate with Zoom, and tell him all of Barry's weaknesses. (Be prepared to see a bad Earth 2 Patty) Zoom is then holding Wells' daughter until Barry can be killed. It's collateral to get a job done.

Lets be real here, Earth 2 Wells doesn't seem to like Zoom, so he may not want to help kill Barry, but Zoom knows that he's the only person he can use to assist him. So he uses his daughter as leverage. Wells was afraid that Cisco was going to see that, which is why he was so apprehensive to let Cisco vibe him.

Why is Wells then helping Barry defeat bad guys?

Let me ask you a question. Why did our first Harrison Wells help Barry defeat bad guys? Yeah, totally different, never mind. I'll just explain it.

Harrison Wells is seeing that the bad guys that Zoom is sending are incapable. So he's a part of Zoom's punishment on them. Locking them up forever because Wells could see that they were not strong enough to kill Barry.


After I published this, I found out that an article already existed with my theory. So, I gotta send you to his account to follow him and check out his post on this topic:


Do you think Earth 2 Harrison Wells is unintentionally bad?


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