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James Bond is back and this time we delve deeper into his past. It links all previous Bond films with one character. Bring a past foe back for one more face to face time with our hero. Spectre isn't like the other Bond films. Some of the action was a bit over the top (helicopter scene) and the car chase scene left you wanting more. This entry was still a good one but could be Daniel Craig's last one. Also checkout my quick review of Spectre on You Tube.


Which recent Bond movies was your favorite?

As for this movie the action was good same goes for the story. As for the acting what can I say I don't have a complaint. Lea Seydoux gave us a different performance than from Mission Impossible IV. Which is really good since her character can handle herself. She gave us a woman who lives a normal life and is capable to handle herself; and not heartless like Sibine Moreau. Christoph Waltz gives another brilliant performance with his turn as Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Which I believe is this characters origin movie. Even though this character was played by many actors I think Christoph manages to stick out. The main reason is because he's not bald and no cat. We do see a cat later on in the film though. Andrew Scott gives us another villain that's a pawn in the whole scheme. Andrew was easily looked at as a villain in this movie by me. I know it has a lot to do with his portrayal of Moriarty. He does give a great performance when sharing the screen with Ralph Fiennes and Daniel Craig. Dave Bautista's character Mr. Hinx reminded me a lot of Jaws. Which is big strong and no to be messed with. Even thought his role in the movie was not very long it left an impression.

The thing I loved about these Bond films was the locations they would be shooting in and what we were going to see. Each location they used definitely was a visual beauty from the city scape of London to the snowy Obertilliach Austria. They're was not on location I didn't like I felt they utilized each location the best they can. All in all I was satisfied with this entry in the Bond legacy; and hope they don't go back to over doing it with gadgets.


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