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When You're the Worst first premiered on FX in July 2014, the show worked due to its edgy humor and hilarious characters. The show has been a critical darling from the start, and is getting better with each season in the eyes of the critics, earning numerous award nominations for the series and its lead actress Aya Cash. The show's blend of raunch and growth is phenomenal, resulting in a hilarious and thoughtful masterpiece. Here's a NSFW look at the FXX comedy:

But as the show progressed, and with Season 3 about to premiere, we've seen different sides to the show and its characters that is setting itself apart from other comedies on TV.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead, Be Wary of Reading

The show follows insensitive and narcissistic British writer, Jimmy, as he and Gretchen, a pessimistic and self-destructive music PR executive, try to make a relationship work, even though the pair are disgusted and terrified of relationships. The couple also deal with their friends' struggles, including Jimmy's roommate/best friend/butler Edgar and Gretchen's wild and loose friend Lindsay who married a "plain guy just for the money," as Wikipedia describes.

In the first season, the show based itself on having Jimmy and Gretchen express a lot of their anger in regards to modern society while also having a somewhat loose relationship, with one episode even having them see who can have the most sex with other people.

The first season worked due to its harsh and, at times, pretty vulgar jokes about people today, especially when it comes to the literary world for Jimmy and the celebrity world for Gretchen. It debuted very strongly with its sharp wit and great performances from the four leads, but what has really helped the show stand out is its second season.

The end of Season 1 saw Jimmy and Gretchen moving in together after her apartment burned down. Season 2 picks up right after this with the two partying excessively in order to avoid even a trace of domesticity in their lives as a couple living together.

Though they are able to slow down the partying by the end of the season premiere, we still get glimpses of the fear of domestic life as the next couple of episodes rolled along, with Gretchen even struggling to buy some "stuff" for Jimmy's house.

But the real thing that made Season 2 even better than the first, and made it an even truer show than most others out there, is its depiction of clinical depression.

As Season 2 progressed, we got a sense that Gretchen was hiding something from Jimmy and the rest of the gang, and it wasn't until the seventh episode that she finally revealed to Jimmy that she has dealt with clinical depression for years and that he can't fix her.

In the episodes after, her depression has made itself more evident and its effects on the characters stronger. The greatest thing about this personality trait is the fact that the creator never, at any point, takes the Hollywood way out of this by having the guy solve it with one nice deed.

No matter what Jimmy does and no matter how hard he tries, Gretchen never fully is fine, and that is incredibly accurate in regards to clinical depression. It is not something that one can just deal with after a fun Halloween night or because your significant other wants you to. It can be a lifelong struggle that is not easy to get rid of.

While the season's direction was also kind of saddening, as Jimmy started confiding in another woman, it still handled the unfortunate problem of clinical depression the appropriate and accurate way, while still having plenty of wit and sarcasm along the way. Jimmy still did the right thing to return to Gretchen and they both agree to help each other work towards happiness. With Gretchen's promise of getting treatment and Lindsay's pregnancy announcement from the finale, it'll be interesting to see where the writers go for the Season 3 premiere.


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