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There's no doubt that feature films were more successful than television at one time. That is no longer the case. TV is, and continues to grow, as an entertainment staple and shows no sign of slowing down. Many believe that television will become king in the next few years. Some believe movies will always reign supreme. Me? I believe both deserve the places they hold in my heart and I will not choose one over the other.

Now, I love movies. I still love going out to see the new releases and get excited for the Oscars every year. However, TV has become another experience I'm addicted to. While movies are able to keep me just as interested, the extended run time of TV series gets me so invested and so hooked that I often forget I'm an adult that has bills, a job and a house to clean.

Since I've been posting about movies heavily these past few weeks, I'd like to share 5 of my favorite TV shows. I currently attempt to keep up with more than 75 television shows, but there are a select few that keep me coming back to experience the story all over again. You will notice that when it comes to TV, I definitely have a type, but there are a few that don't fit the mold. I love all kinds of stories, but I do have a favorite format: the procedural.

Criminal Minds

As anyone that follows my posts knows, I am a huge mental health awareness advocate. Having studied psychology and experienced mental illness first hand, I'm always a fan of shows that use this themes. Criminal Minds is just perfect. With accurate explanations of why violent criminals do the horrible things they do, the show creates an aura that is hard to ignore. The chemistry of the cast and the evolution of their characters keep me coming back.

11 seasons strong for a reason, Criminal Minds will never disappoint. I love me some procedurals, but this one is by far my number one pick. Equal parts humor, despair and excitement, I never find myself bored when watching this show. I've watched the series about 10 times now and I always find something new to love when I do.

Breaking Bad

What's a list of favorite shows without Breaking Bad? I barely slept during the original run of this show. Having to constantly catch up on Netflix, I found myself lost in this story. I can't even count how many times I went to work on no sleep because of Breaking Bad.

The highest rated TV show of all time deserves every piece of praise it gets. The transformation of Walter White was perfectly written, timed and played out. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were an unstoppable force that continue to captivate fans everywhere. I lost myself in it. To this day, Breaking Bad takes me away and allows me to focus solely on the story. I binge on this when I'm super stressed and need a release.


There is never a wrong time to watch Supernatural. It is currently the show I let play while I fall asleep, I will always find something to learn from Sam and Dean. The show is always coming up with new stories to tell and isn't afraid to make fun of itself. Those special episodes are wondrous. It's always refreshing to see a cast and crew truly having fun.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles bring so much to their roles and the crew remains dedicated to the value of the show, giving it the power run for 11 seasons. I will be devastated when it ends. As always, the campaign resonates with me. The fact that everyone involved with the show stood together to support a friend through a difficult time earns major props in my book.

The West Wing

I'll admit that I'm extremely new to the greatness that is The West Wing. I never could have imagined that I would be so interested in a show about politics. This show does a brilliant job at taking the overbearing workings involving the White House staff on a daily basis and turning it into something wonderful. I've realized that while the show is a bit older, it's still relevant today. This is a key interest point for me. There were a few times in my viewing sessions that I almost wanted to Google the air dates one last time because it seemed too real to be so old.

In addition to exceptional writing and pacing, the injections of humor placed perfectly between the seriously heavy segments make this show a must watch on my list. I always have to watch The West Wing when I'm not multitasking. It moves so fast that I'll miss something if I look away for more that 10 seconds. Any show that forces you to focus on it is doing something right.

Pretty Little Liars (Guilty Pleasure)

Yeah, I'm one of those. I have no shame in admitting that I'm a PLL fan. The show is a teenage Lost. At the end of every episode, I have 56 new questions and no answers in sight. Keeping me invested is the best way to win my heart. With a new reason to watch each episode, I'm up all night with this one too.

While Pretty Little Liars may not be the most mature show on my list, I wanted to list the shows that keep me up at night. This is one of them. It's extremely complicated and cryptic. It teases you with a piece of the answer, but the clue you're given is almost always considered in the wrong context. When it's revealed that you were diverted by a planted clue, you rage and want to kick things. This is why I love PLL. I like shows that frustrate me just as much as the ones that make me think.

While these shows are different, they share a common ground: they make me watch them. As I said before, I'm currently streaming a ton of shows. These five distract me from the dozens of others I've forgotten to pick back up. That's what makes them special to me. Replay value is important. While some of my choices here might earn me a little teasing, I stand by them. I know what I like, and I'll binge on them like no one's watching.

Do you have any guilty pleasures on your recently watched feed? Tell me about them! I won't judge. Follow me here for more honest posting and never stop that Netflix autoplay!


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