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The DC Extended Universe has only one movie so far, and has many more on the way. Many of these are going to need sequels, but DC will also need a few more movies about different characters. So, here is a list of my own DC Extended Universe Phase 2.

Batman: The Court of Owls

I would like a sequel to the Batman movie, starring Ben Affleck. This sequel would be the plot of the Court of Owls storyline from the comics. Using elements like the Talons, Nightwing, Robin, and The Court of Owls. This movie would be a dark, gritty story that could be very interesting.

Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis

This movie would be directly based off the comic story arc. Using the same characters, and a war. The Aquaman movie would be a total-destruction war, and would be a great idea in my book.

Superman and Shazam: Doomsday

If Doomsday is not used, or survives in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), then my hope is that he will show up as a villain in the sequel. Doomsday would put up a fight against Supes, so he would be a great villain. It is possible that you could even kill off Superman in this movie. Shazam could defeat Doomsday after Superman is killed.

Suicide Squad: Deathstroke

Suicide Squad is going to need a sequel, and a new villain. Sure Jared Leto will be great as the Joker, but we are going to need a new villain. Why not Deathstroke? He could gather a small army to rival the Squad and take them on himself. Suicide Squad will be great, no doubt in my mind. Just watch the trailer. Many people would love a sequel, and I am one of them.

Green Lantern Corps: Blackest Night

The Green Lantern movie wasn't amazing, but it was okay. Green Lantern Corps is going to be very good. One reason being the variety of characters. They can have many members, and in two, there could be all the Corps. This movie could be based off the comic storyline, and it would be a great film.

Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals

Wonder Woman will be the first woman-lead movie for DC, in their universe. And I know that this movie will be great, so why not give it a sequel? Base it off the Gods and Mortals arc, maybe change it a little bit, and you've got a good movie.

Green Arrow and Black Canary

This is the first in the new character based movies. Green Arrow and Black Canary will need a movie. And by the time the DC Extended Universe gets to Phase 2, Arrow will most likely be over, and people will want more of Green Arrow and Black Canary. In this movie you could start out with Oliver Queen being rescued off of the island, then he starts his crusade in Star City. He gets Black Canary, maybe Speedy and Arsenal, and off you go. Throughout the movie you could have flashbacks like the show if they wanted, but that is what makes Arrow special.

Teen Titans: H.I.V.E.

Another new movie, but this time it's a team. And it is the Teen Titans. They are getting a live action TV show soon, but I don't think it will go through. So why not give them a movie years later? They have a great roster, and great stories, so give them a good production instead of an animated series.

Booster Gold & Blue Beetle: O.M.A.C.

Booster Gold & Blue Beetle is going to be a light-hearted movie. Really funny, happy, and up-beat. So they should have a sequel. And the villain could be the evil organization known as O.M.A.C.

The Flash: Flashpoint

This movie would set up the Justice League movie. It would not be based off Flashpoint, but be a prequel. Maybe the first film can use Reverse-Flash, or Gorilla Grodd. But this movie could have Captain Cold and Heat Wave, and still be a good film.

Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox

The big one. This movie would have been set up by the previous movie, The Flash: Flashpoint. Now it's the Paradox. The Flash goes to an alternate dimension where Thomas Wayne is Batman, Cyborg works for Lex Luthor, and Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war. This would be a great premise for the film. A war. A hero. Villains. The Thomas Wayne Batman is great. And the alternate stories are great. Many want to see a big screen adaptation of the comic, so make this movie the final one in the DC Extended Universe Phase 2.

There you have it. That is my list of the DC Extended Universe movies I would like to see in Phase 2.

Do you disagree or agree with any of my movies? Do you like or dislike any of my ideas? Please, let me know!


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