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Get ready for a sci-fi tale that will probably make you Sci-cry ( Yeah, that sounds so cringe-worthy, but you get the gist ). Midnight special will be the next film from Director Jeff Nichols who is responsible for movies such as Take shelter and Mud. The film became a topic of interest when it was first announced which encouraged the online community to speculate about how it would take shape. But now the wait for a trailer is over since it was put up on youtube a while ago. The footage that it shows might just strike a cord with those who are fans of the sci-fi films of the 80's, or those who simply tear-up like a fountain when watching a sci-fi drama.

Here's the plot synopsis:

Roy is a father desperate to protect his uniquely gifted, eight-year-old son Alton. Joined by Joel Edgerton and Kirsten Dunst's characters, this group must race to get Alton to a secret location all while being hunted by an extreme religious sect led by Sam Shepard and a government task force headed up by Adam Driver. It is a full-on chase, the outcome of which could bring about a world-changing event.

The plot for this film does give off a few chills since you are now curious about what is going to happen to the boy. Will he escape? Will he die? What's going to happen to his family? From the trailer, Michael Shannon seems to have taken a break from playing the driven, morally ambiguous despicable character who's intentions are only as black as his heart, but in this trailer his intentions are clear and his actions mirror them. The tone seems very tense and contained even though this is supposed to be a sci-fi chase movie, but things could pick up in the actual film itself. The trailer doesn't give you much to go on but you might not need anymore hints about what the actual plot is and what its outcome will be. The director and cast inspire confidence and the cues that have been taken from other classic sci-fi films is sure to attract viewers who want to relive the magic. Box office could go either way since Nichol's films usually aren't high grossing affairs, but this film might be able to manage thanks to its cast and the genre that it inhabits.


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