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Collins Vincent

It seems like everyone in the entertainment business is warming up to the idea of shared-film universes after the success Marvel and DC have had with crafting them. The trend seems to be popular among studios film company's hoping to mirror the results of Marvel and create a lucrative mega-franchise. A while ago, it was announced that Activision Blizzard would begin producing and creating films and television programs based on their expansive library of game titles. Call of Duty was announced as one of the many projects that the company has in deep development. The studio has plans for a large film-universe based in the world of the popular first-person shooter franchise. They've already put together their entertainment division and have a live-action film based on Warcraft set for 2016 which is supposed to be the first entry in what could be the newest action-fantasy franchise.

The Call of Duty games have been known to take place during the World War 2 era, but lately they've been adding more futuristic and modern settings in entries such as Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3. There is definitely potential for a successful cinematic-universe based on the games, but there is also alot of fan-based skepticism surrounding the sudden move to create one just because Marvel has one, along with the touted "videogame movie curse". If this project does take off, which seems inevitable, the studio and creative-team would have access to various storylines and arcs from the games to play around with in terms of crafting a story that could carry what the studio hopes will be a "long-running mega-franchise".

There are also concerns about the quality of previous videogame movies and the belief that most do badly because they are either poorly handled or shouldn't be made. The themes of Call of Duty could also help the studio and various people involved figure out the best way to market the movies in a way that will appeal to hardcore-fans and those unfamiliar with the brand. Aside from properly constructing a compelling story, the studio will also have to install actors that will eventually become the "faces" of the franchise. Casting will be the key to how the film performs in terms of attracting casual viewers and appealing to a wider-audience. Ultimately, the success of this film will depend on the commitment to producing and creating something that is worth seeing, but also appealing to fans of the game.


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